The Words of the Takao Family

My Hometown Victory

Tiffany Takao
April 1989

Tiffany Takao

In March, 1987, True Father matched me with a wonderful Japanese brother. Soon after that, I moved to my hometown region and started working in Chicago. There have been quite a few instances where I felt specific help from my ancestors. Rev. Vincenz, the Chicago church leader, has been very supportive of me in terms of witnessing in my free time, for which I am grateful.

In November of the same year, I received a letter from my 85-year old grandmother, saying that she didn't really know why she was still alive. Immediately I felt so desperate for her spiritual life, pleading with Heavenly Father to keep her alive until she could hear the Divine Principle.

Where I live in Chicago is only a two-hour drive to her house. So after I moved here in July, I started visiting her regularly. She had been hurt and angry when I joined the church seven years ago; but now she is very pleased that we are rebuilding our relationship. My desire was to have her sign associate membership before my Blessing.

In November, 1988, I drove to her house unannounced. I had breakfast with her and then told her I had something serious to talk about, for there was one thing I wanted to ask her while she was still physically alive. She knew I believe that Father is the Messiah, so I told her that she will understand more clearly about our whole movement when she does go to spirit world; if it is true, then if she does something good for Father it will be eternally remembered and help her be at a higher level in the spirit world.

Both of us were crying. I pleaded with her to trust me; finally she agreed, doing it really just to please me. More tears. With a trembling hand, she filled out the form. It was a real evident battle between God and Satan! I held her hand and prayed briefly. To my surprise she said she would like to receive the Unification News to learn more about our beliefs. I felt such a tremendous sense of relief when I drove away, grateful for the help of Heavenly Father and good spirit relatives.

Now I feel she is free to go to the spirit world and I will shed tears of joy at her funeral, remembering this brief demonstration of her faith and victory over Satan. I feel sure that we will be eternally close in heart. 

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