The Words of the Summerville Family

Judgement through witnessing

Bill Summerville
February 1972

Our most important mission at this time is that of witnessing. Because of the great battle with Satan it is necessary to reach as many people as possible as quickly as possible for the Father, for Satan is also mounting an unprecedented recruiting drive; those who know God's truth will not fall prey to Satan's lies. Good news spreads in snowball fashion: therefore we should look for those people who would become the best disciples, those who are capable of understanding the message of Principle, and also of witnessing to other good seeds; however, we can only be sure of doing our best for God if we are completely centered on Him; and open to His guidance. If we are not, then we will come under judgement as our mistakes are exposed.

When witnessing, as always, we should feel the joy of the Father as we speak of His new dispensation, and this should be kit by the person we are witnessing to if they are open in heart, and give and take will be more rewarding than on a purely intellectual basis. Satan will try to develop an intellectual argument sometimes -- give and take on the mind plane often leads to a conflict of egos. This can only be overcome through the heart, guided by the wisdom of God. Often people will ask leading question, "Do you believe in the Trinity?" or "Are you political?" or "Do you go to Church?" The Father knows why they are asking this, and He also knows which answer will satisfy them. They are testing you to see if your beliefs are contrary to theirs. Put in the wrong way, they can seem to be, for such are the barriers created by Satan. With Principle the barriers would disappear, therefore, they should be persuaded, through the heart, to hear Principle. Judgement falls when you realize that someone rejected your witness because of a diplomatic error, or else because they felt a sense of pride in knowledge from you, or because the desire to dominate, win the argument, got the better of you.

However, sometimes people express views which are contrary to Principle in practice, though seemingly similar in theory and it necessary to make a point of not compromising with Satan, and once more working through the heart to bring them to hear. If their heart is not open they will not be interested. Sometimes one might go out with the idea first and foremost to get someone to come and hear, without thinking of the Father.

Judgement falls when they come and you realize that they are not yet prepared, and feel as ashamed of them. Sometimes you might meet someone whom you feel the Father wants, yet they do not want to listen or are too busy. Then you should be patient and the Father will show you a way. Impatience can lead to rash action, misunderstanding, and Satan's invasion. When witnessing, I often become conscious of Satanic basis within me, causing me to lose concentration as thoughts and images flash or crowd across my mind; or similarly, as I am talking Principle, for example, the importance of giving 100%, I feel a drain of power as I realize that I am a hypocrite in a sense.

To round up, judgement through witnessing is one of the most important forms of judgement, as it shows us where in our natures we are misrepresenting the Leader. If we do not change, we will be open to the accusation of those we witness to, or those we do not witness to that we should, for misrepresenting the truth and leaving them to suffer in ignorance. 

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