The Words of the Shimizu Family

The flower of Unified family in Japan

Jirou Shimizu
May 1971
(A Unified Family in Japan)

Marble flower-vase, produced in Korea

From three months ago, I have been working at The Shiawase (Fortune) Commercial Company in Tokyo City.

I am feeling the deepest to report of our busy working to sell the flowers.

Every day, we get up at six o'clock early in the morning and sell flowers on the streets and in front of many doors until 12 o'clock at midnight.

Finishing our selling we go to the micro-bus which is our comfortable hotel.

Like a bagworm, we hastily creep into the sleeping-bag in the bus to take a nap (short sleep).

From Hokkaido (Northern Island) to Kyushu (Southern island) all our flower-selling troops have same life.

Twelve members of a troop use one micro-bus and those members are under a chief of corps.

When we creep up from the sleeping-bag at six o'clock, we used to go to the park or railway station and wash our faces. Then we practice gymnastics and return to the micro-bus.

In the bus we have our morning service for our Heavenly Father. Then the micro-bus moves toward our next destination. Therefore, our micro-bus is really used as our chapel, dining-hall and bed-room.

As we arrive at the destination we take our breakfast firstly and bring the cases of flower to put them on at the corner of streets. And we hold the flowers in our arms as long as our strength lasts.

In the morning, we mainly approach to the attendants to their office and ask the ladies who are going to morning market to sell the flowers.

In the evening, we go again to the Salaried-men on their way home-, and at night we visit the bar-girls and even the dancers.

This is our way to sell the flowers to establish our economic foundation for our Father's Work in Japan. And this is the famous Flower-selling-troops which are organized to help our Father's providence financially.

We are worrying about our future of Japan and the world. Especially, we are anxious about Our Heavenly Father's work. Consequently, we sell the flowers to witness the Divine Principle and for Our True parents.

Always we believe that somebody will buy our flowers to help God's work. And walk around the streets. When some passersby buy our flowers we thank to them and thank to Our God's Hand. And we are choked with tears in deep emotion in many cities in Japan.

In Japanese language, we call about "flower" as "hana". But in Korea, they pronounce about "God" as "hananim". So, when we are selling the flowers, we always associate "hananim" (God) with the "hana" (flower).

When we find out a buyer from several thousands of people, we deeply thank to him and cry out in our minds as follows,

"We met with this child of Our Heavenly God after the lapse of 6,000 years „.

And we shed tears with deep thanks.

Weeping with tears, we ask to the next passerby to sell the flower. Sometimes, someone asks us "Why are you crying?" Then we cannot give them any answer and keep only deep silence with inner-mind's prayers.

Almost flower-sellers of Unified Family in Japan have had such experiences.

Can you imagine a scene of flower-selling of blessed women for God's work in the snow-storm night? Looking down at this sight, perhaps, Our Heavenly father will cry in the spiritual world.

Walking around the streets, we can hear so strongly the deep prayers of Our True parents and our all unified members over the world by our spiritual ears.

Recently, my task was changed and I am selling the flower-vases, a Lind of the industrial products of marble which are imported from our Lord's country, Korea.

This vase was made of white marble and we believe this is the promised "white Stone" which was described in Bible (Revelation 12/17).

These articles are very wonderful industrial products of marble. And we think that this marble was made by Our True Father's Hands in our home-country, Korea. 

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