The Words of the Schuhmann Family

Three students from Peru are quite interested in the Divine Principles

Ursula Schuhmann
April 7, 1971
Barcelona, Spain

In the month of March we concentrated on the new Principle version and just finished the basic translation into Spanish. Now everything has to be checked once more to make sure that there are no mistakes and then comes the final touch with regard to style.

We ran several ads in the local newspaper, whereupon a number of people came to ask for more information. Some of them promised to return soon in order to hear more. Many of them were very young and so we stated an age limit in the following ads as we don't want any more trouble with minors at the moment.

When I came home from work yesterday I could hardly believe what I saw: there was a telephone installed. It usually takes between 6 months and 2 years, but in our case only about 6 weeks! This will be of great help to keep in touch with our contacts and to put the phone number in our newspaper ads.

As usual we celebrated Parents Day in 2 stages: on Saturday we had a meeting for active members and on Sunday for friends.

Three students from Peru are quite interested in the Principle. One of them is a Quechua Indian (Inka) who is studying Medicine. We had a long talk last night after two Jehovah's witnesses had left with a principle book each.

Please give our love to our True Parents and the whole Family.

In Their Name,
Ursula Schuhmann 

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