The Words of the Schuhmann Family

We contacted two Catholic Priests

Ursula Schuhmann
May 3, 1970
Barcelona, Spain

Dear Family

The most important event of April was, of course, Parents Day. We had our meeting on Sunday afternoon and stayed together until the late evening hours. Some people came for the first time and kept in touch since then.

Amongst the people we contacted in April were two catholic priests, a nun, a seminarian, the wife of a judge, a writer and some students; some rejected right away and others are still reading.

Recently we had long discussions about the employment situation because we are faced with serious problems. Some of the girls did not even finish high-school and now they have no educational background for getting better paid position. They literally work from morning to sight and earn just enough for their own living. Furthermore they have to give all the money to their parents who sometimes give them only the bus fare to come to Barcelona (they live in the province). It is really disgusting to see that there is no help from this side as the girls are minors and cannot leave their parents, home for several years to live in a Divine Principle Center, even if they would like to. Also the boys have only very little income or nothing at all and have to decide rapidly what profession they went to learn in the near future.

From April 18-28 there was an automobile exhibition in Barcelona and I worked there as interpreter. As 1 had to be at the stand until very late at night, we had no meeting during the second half of April.

Looking for good jobs with enough free time will be the main task for all of us in May, this is basic for our future activities.

Thanks to Teddy's [Teddy Verheyen] reports we are informed about the exciting news at H.Q. and the great dedication of our Korean brother and sisters.

Much love

In the name of our True Parents
Ursula Schuhmann 

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