The Words of the Schuhart Family

So many times you have appeared in our vision and inspired us with strength and power -- joy and love

Jon and Sandy Schuhart
February 20, 1971
Los Angeles, CA

Los Angeles Family praying before going out to witness

Dear Father,

I fervently pray that everything is well with you and Mother and all your children.

Sandy and I would like to congratulate you and Mother, (Our True Parents) on your birthday and express our most sincere appreciation for the truly great gift to the world, which you are so freely giving. Father, your message of World Restoration and Unification is the most important message in the world today. I am so grateful to be a part of it, that you and Mother, (Our True Parents) on your birthday and express our most sincere appreciation for the truly great gift to the world, which you are so freely giving the world a mission to accomplish. How I wish we had more people to bring to you. We will find more somehow, Father, to work for you, to support you and to accomplish your will because it is "Right" and for you.

Your Family in Los Angeles is starting to grow faster, Father, now that we have begun weekend workshops. With the program we have developed, we are beginning to attract into the Unification Church from two to six people at each workshop. I hope it will continue and be even better. Los Angeles is starting to "crack" open, and more people are open to your truth. It is increasingly easier to witness here than it was a while ago. One out of ten people has at least heard of our Church, now. I think of Los Angeles as a river frozen over with ice. The river surface of each person frozen with Satan but the current of God and Life running so strong and deep underneath the cold, hard shell. But today is the day of spring with the warmest, brightest sun that has ever shone. And we are beginning to see the "Great Thaw" and break-up of the ice in Los Angeles. Those who have been frozen in the ice are beginning to the warmth of God's bright sun.

It Is True! A current of New Life is coursing through the river of Man. Los Angeles is beginning to awake, soon they will come.

Father, I am writing this letter in Los Angeles, but soon I'll be in New York with my Family to work for you there. Who would believe such a thing? I am sure you are familiar with the changes taking place in the U.S. Sandy and I are looking forward with optimistic concern and anxiousness. I hope we'll develop something very large for you there. Dennis Cormier will be the Center Director. He's a good person and has useful qualities and character. Sandy and I, George and Diane Fernsler, and Wesley and Gladys Samuel, (married couples from the first Blessing in America) will work together for you there. I'm sure all will go well and we'll succeed.

All of your family here in Los Angeles sends love and is becoming very dedicated and loyal to you. Soon, you can command a Great Heavenly Army to march around the world.

Enclosed, please find some pictures of the baby and the Family.

Our Deepest Love to You and all that love you.

Jon and Sandy 

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