The Words of the Schuart Family

We will forever sing your victory

Jon and Sandy Schuhart
November 26, 1969
Los Angeles, California

To Our True Parents

Beloved Father, Kind and Loving Mother,

The Los Angeles Family rejoices with you on the Wonderful Day of Children's Day. We are so grateful for your tremendous struggle and the suffering which you have willingly endured for so long to enable the Holy Days to be established.

This day is but a symbol of your tremendous accomplishment Father, and we will forever sing your praises and herald your victory. We shall not rest until the whole world can join in this great celebration of life.

Father, we will gladly give our life to enable you to establish your ideal on this earth. Through your words; we can know the heart of God; we can learn of and feel the life of truth and love; we can save our land and our nation! We can restore the world and conquer evil.

We have all that to be grateful for. Father, we thank you forever.

Good Father, please accept as a symbolic sign of our love to you the gift of the rings and, for our True Mother, the pendant to grace her loveliness. They are small things but it is a great joy for us to give them to you. The gold is real and of 18 carat which is very good. Also, they have been handcrafted by one of your own children.

We would like to offer a ring to you and to our president Mr. Eu, who's loyalty, dedication and strength is an inspiration to us all.

Father, thank you for everything... May we return more and more to you every day and may our life be of ultimate joy and value to God, Our Heavenly Father.

Sincerely and With Deep Love

Your Children of the Los Angeles Center

Jon and Sandy Schuhart 

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