The Words of the Schonenberger Family

Together we will push Satan out of man's heart

Christine Schonenberger
December 7, 1969
Bruxelles, Belgium

Dear Korean family;

Dear leaders of nations;

Dear brothers and sisters all over the world!

Belgium is one of the European countries which has to be 'occupied* until the end of this year.

Our Leader has given to me the privilege to start with the principles movement in this country.

I entered Belgium on 1st December 1969.

The Belgium center is established at,

Christine Schonenberger
15, Rue de Newgchatel
Bruxelles 6
Belgium Europe

I will face the great responsibility for the Belgium nation and I'll offer my heart to make the Belgium people children of our True parents.

I pray for God's blessing that we may all fulfill our missions as representatives of or Leader in our nations. Together we will push Satan out of man's heart and establish the kingdom of God.

I've deep love to our True Parents, I begin in Their name.

Christine Schonenberger

(A member of the Austrian family) 

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