The Words of the Sanno Family

Japanese Church Donation for Holy Wine and Blessing Ceremonies

Rev. Sanno
January 24, 2013

Hi everyone,

IFA met with Rev. Sanno, the head of the Blessed Family Department in Japan last Thursday and he expressed his heart that all international couples and members be able to participate in the upcoming Foundation Day events irrespective of our ability to meet the donation requirements being asked of members living in Japan, through the Japanese church.

Of course we should do our best to unite with the donation being requested, but if it is simply not possible to do so, we are asking the local churches to accept our own country's donation of ¥13,000 or ¥130,000 (depending on your situation) that is in line with the special Grace condition given by our True Parents in WMH 2012-146 on November 29, 2012.

Some churches are accepting this amount from our International couples while others are telling us that we must pay the full amount or we will not be able to take the Holy Wine or attend the Blessing Ceremony. There are also many situations between these two positions.

PLEASE NOTE: If your local church is telling you that you cannot attend the Holy Wine Ceremony and Blessing without a large donation, please contact IFA asap so we can ask HQ to speak to your church on your behalf.

We need the following information if you need help with this matter:

Church Name: City: Couple Full Name(s): Nationalities: Blessing: Church Telephone number: Church Contact Person (Blessed Family Dept, if possible):

Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns


IFA Committee 

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