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Peruvian Youth Bring Christmas Cheer to the Elderly

Isabel Rodriguez
December 22, 2012
UPF -- Peru

Lima, Peru -- On December 22 a group of Young Ambassadors for Peace visited an old people's hospital in Lima to bring them some Christmas cheer. Following on from weeks of preparations, planning, practicing songs and sketches and soliciting donations for the patients Christmas party the day finally arrived and they could bring some joy and happiness into the lives of these people who have been basically forgotten by society.

The hospital is a pilot project by the Ministry for Women to create homes for old people who have often been abandoned by their families, who have terminal illnesses or, following hospitalization for treatment, have no homes to return to. Dr. Jorge Gutierrez a surgeon and Ambassador for Peace, has been guiding this project for some years now and UPF has been supporting him since September 2011 with occasional visits and donations over the following months.

The afternoon program included music from a local group as well as songs by the students and the patients. A sketch performed by red-nosed and white coated students was well received and Sra. Isabel Rodriguez, President of the commission of education and sport in UPF Peru gave a heart-warming presentation, talking about love and caring for others.

This year end meeting, which was the first project by the newly formed Young Ambassadors for Peace proved to be very inspiring for all. Donations were received from the Mayor of Chorillos and some local businesses. One small business, a hairdressers, also spent a day giving free haircuts to the patients in the hospital. The mayor donated panetones (the local Christmas cake) and the patients also received towels and other personal hygiene items which are not normally provided by the hospital.

An inspiring conclusion of a busy year for UPF-Peru. 

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