The Words of the Rason Family

Church Problems following the ascension of True Father and the resignation of In Jin Nim

Delia Rason
October 2, 2012

I can see that there are much anxiety and apprehension among brothers and sisters worldwide following the ascension of True Father and the resignation of In Jin Nim from US Church's position. I am sure that everybody has been heartbroken on True Father's departure from us and the bad news about what happened to the True Children, in particularly to In Jin Nim. Some of us may then question if such incidents could happen to True Parents' children. Please be caution that such is same as the left thief who question Jesus, "If you are the Messiah, save yourself now."

These sorts of incidents are inevitable as Satan, who knows that his end-time, the D-Day of 2013 is approaching, would do anything in his capacity, to disrupt the progress of God's Provident.

Several years ago, the world, our Church, True Parents, True Family and True Children had gone through much trouble, e.g. 2004s great Asian Tsunami, 2008s Hyo Jin Nim Ascension, 2009s True Family Helicopter Crashed, 2010s Hyun Jin Nim matter, 2011s Japan's great Tsunami, 2012s True Father's Ascension to Heaven and In Jin Nim's Issue. All these are indemnities paid by the world, by our Church, True Parents, True Family and True Children. They are also signs of Satan's desperation as his last day approaches.

True Children were born with a Heavenly Mandate of inheriting True Parent's Messiah-ship. However, as there is a human portion of responsibility required in the Principle, they're needed to pass through Satan's tests on Adam/ Eve's, and on Jesus' problems, i.e. on the matter of Love, Power, Position, Money etc. It is this requirement of passing Satan's tests just like Jesus, has brought troubles to some of the True Children.

God works from individual, family, tribal, national, and world levels. Satan also does the same. Several years ago, I know there were some countries' Unification Churches made serious mistakes of "Revolting" against their Korean Leaders. I am sorry to say this, but it seems to me that the "Kwak's Group" is an advanced level of "revolting" against True Parents because when I compare these two Groups " motives and styles " of working, there are striking similarities.

I appreciate Rev. Cotter and Rev. Yang's attitude of handling In Jin Nim's issue. These are the leaders our Church need. We are not the kind of political leaders who fought by tooth and nails for their selfish "positions" etc. We are humble servants of God / World. Unification leadership is Abel-ism. Therefore, the essence of Unification leadership is "goodness".

This is Father's words on leadership: "To restore the world, let us go forth in the shoes of the Servant, but with the Father's Heart, shedding sweat for Earth, tears for Man, and blood for Heaven."

Many years ago, True Father has said that if we don't restore our Homeland, i.e. "One Nation under God", there would be ceaseless strives in our Church and even among the True Children. The reason is because we don't have Land of Settlement. We are not protected. We are thus vulnerable to "snakes' bites". Thus the ultimate solution to all Church's and True Children's problems is the establishment of One Nation under God. Meanwhile, we should take responsibility and repent to Heaven for failing to protect True Children.

Throughout His whole life, True Father's greatest wish is "going back to hometown". He said in His autobiography that even in His dream, He dreamed of His hometown in North Korea. But for True Father, "going back to hometown" means restoration of the entire Korean Peninsula.

True Father had utilized every second of His time and every ounce of His energy for God's Will during His life time. In this way God kept Him until old age. While we all wish that He would live until 120 years old, but due to our many mistakes and our disunity with True Parents over the years, He has to give up hope of passing into the year 2013, just like Moses who could only look at Canaan from the mountain top before laying down in Mount Moriah.

Now True Mother, Hyung Jin Nim and Kook Jin Nim are our "Joshua". We should pledge our unity with them in order to successfully enter firmly the Foundation Day (CIG 2013).May God's blessing upon us.



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