The Words of the Proano Family

New Update on Bolivia Intentional Community

Juan and Jayne Proano
June 7, 2013

Hi Family,

Since we have so many people asking questions about the Mountain we own, and the project to invite all Blessed Families worldwide to our mountain with free land, I thought I would share a bit more info.

Our mountain is next to the famous Death Road where Bicyclists come from around the world to cycle. Juan says the death road biking trail is south of us. I.e. when you look at the death road, our property is the next mountain near that road. That is the type of mountain tropical rainforest you will see on our property.

We have about 14 workers sometimes on the property. One or two are church members. However what we want to establish is an all Church members community. After we start more building, more church members will be coming in.

Juan made a claim on the mountain in 1978. He had to wait 8 years while he was inquiring to the government. They let him establish ownership in 1986. The history will be what we as Blessed Families create. North of our mountain are 3 Inca trails that come through our land. From 500 years ago. They would look for gold and food to take to their mountain.

Vision for the future: to establish a tourist business for bicyclists and eco minded people who would like to have a new road to cycle, to spend time in a cabana, to go fishing in our lakes and go through the canyon and two rivers on our property. Of many mountains that are around, this is the only one that has some flat land for farming, housing. On the church end, each person of each family donates one time a week to help the community in some way. Whatever they are able and want to do. The goal is a self-sustaining community of members who also focus on witnessing, Blessing, building tribes. They can build whatever style of home they would like to. The land is our offering for free.

Families just need to come and invest what they would for a house and for building roads. Remember, the 100.00 you may have turns into 700.00 here. So money goes further and can last longer. Seven Bolivianos to our one Dollar.

Juan is an international business man with many businesses established. He also has store fronts he rents. He has a heart of gold and is a diplomat advisor to Congress, and the House here in Bolivia. Also he is an advisor native tribes here. Well respected in the community with many connections.

We have 300 pages of the details of the project and architect photos. I will have to have Juan upload those to my computer. We have been busy with business and I will try to upload to all involved in the intentional community section of BFA.

We already have licenses for high schools from Ft. Worth, Texas. We have one high school in Benni, and we just signed papers to establish a High School in Madiri, Bolivia. for a community of people. This is a long term project on our land. We will have a high school and an Education Center for Divine Principle on the land so far.

How we are funded is by each person's offering. We are working in international business and investments and commission to fund it ourselves. We have no other funds. Only what members want to invest. So making a house, making a road to the house, everything is what we invest. We already have electricity, a brand new international highway from Brazil all the way through Peru, Chile, and Argentina. The government built it on our land. We built one complete home with 4 bedrooms, and the second home we have built the foundation to make an education center and one small home in the middle of the property.

All members are welcome to come visit us. We have a penthouse near the Presidential Palace, and you can sleep here while you check it out. We are trying to sell it as it would fund so much money towards the mountain. We will have residence both in city with business, and on the mountain.

There are monkeys that are the friendliest monkeys in the world called the Martin. Deer, beautiful orchids abound, we have a farm to grow organic fruit and veges. Let us know if you want to visit!


Juan and Jayne Proano 

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