The Words of the Proano Family

Come to Bolivia and receive free land with our community

Juan and Jayne Proano
May 17, 2013

Juan and Jayne Proano, newly Blessed and married own a mountain 100 miles from La Paz Bolivia.

They own the land and would like to offer any church members who would like to be part of a Unification Church communal intentional community of Blessed members, second gen and people studying Divine Principle - free land to build your home on. You can pick the site and build whatever style you like.

We already have an education center built, working on farming, have two houses built, a museum, creating vacation spots for international bicyclists who already come to tour our rainforest, and many more projects. Your contribution is participation in whichever way you choose for the benefit of the community.

There will be so many opportunities. Pick your happiness! We are a witnessing community who's focus is education and Blessings. So if you are interested let us know! We and look forward to meeting you and having and exciting time with all of you! Juan and Jayne Proano Houses are very cheap to build. We will help each other.

This is a rain forest with high elevation and cooler temps around 50s-70s. Let us know if you are interested and when you want to come and visit. 

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