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Jayne Turconi Now Proano is moving to Bolivia with Husband

Juan and Jayne Proano
May 16, 2013

Hi everyone. I was Blessed in the Foundation Day Blessing in Korea Feb. 17 2013, and will be moving to Bolivia next week. I will be centered on the providence in Bolivia which is extensive. This means, I will probably not have as much time to help in the American Providence of helping you with Blessings. I still will like to help those of you who are still looking for matches and are of the older population.

Since my husband and I own a mountain in Bolivia 100 miles from La Paz in the rain forest, we are building an education center there, many plans. A farm, a place for bicyclists who come from all over the world to bike through the rain forest area.

If you are looking for a match, no matter your age, let us know and we will try to help you look for an appropriate candidate in Bolivia.

If you simply want a slower paced life in which you contribute in a church community, let us know and you can come to stay in Bolivia with us. We are building all the time, and have international businesses. We love helping members and creating a space for them.

We will be building our tribe. Sometimes we go to the Amazon and we do some fishing if you like fishing. Let us know. Take care and write to us. 

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