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Day of Families Observed in 3 Cities in Cameroon

Kem B. Peter
May 15, 2012

The International Day of Families was commemorated at three seminars organized by UPF-Cameroon: in the west region (Bafoussam on May 14), far north (Kousseri on May 15), and central region (Yaoundé on May 15) with a total of 167 participants including government officials, Members of Parliament, religious leaders, traditional rulers, journalists, university students, and leaders of civil society.

Mr. Marien Njiki, representative of the Delegation of the West Region's Ministry of Women's Empowerment and Families, opened the conference in Bafoussam, attended by 43 people. UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon's message was read by Mr. Kem B. Peter, Secretary General of UPF-Cameroon West Region, and UPF's message on Marriage and Family as the Instrument of Peace was given by Rev. Fongoh Innocent Ndasi, Secretary General of UPF-Cameroon. The Representative of the Delegation of the Ministry of Social Welfare of the West Region responded with words of appreciation.

The program in Kousseri had 23 participants.

More than a hundred people attended the program at the Hotel des Députés in Yaoundé, the capital. Mr. Fokam Leon, representing the Minister of Women's Empowerment and Families, welcomed the participants. The message by UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon was read by Hon. Aka Amuam, a Member of Parliament and Ambassador for Peace, and UPF's message was given by Rev. Fongoh Innocent Ndasi.

The program closed with the appointment of Gen. Nana, Administrator of Prisons in Cameroon, by Hon. Abunaw Rose, Vice Speaker of the National Assembly and an Ambassador for Peace. 

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