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Conference on Principles of Peace and Security in Macedonia

Svetlana Peneva
October 2012

Skopje, Macedonia -- A UPF conference on Principles and Practices for Lasting Peace and Security in Macedonia and the Wider Balkans took place at FON University in Skopje on October 6 in commemoration of the UN International Day of Peace and International Day of Non-Violence.

Thanks to the General Manager of FON, Mr. Sefer Canoski, and Prof. Nano Ruzin, who were appointed Ambassadors for Peace at the European Leadership Conference held at UNESCO in Paris last April, this conference was held at the university, and there are opportunities for continued cooperation, mostly with educational programs for students and professors.

The sessions presented by the Regional Leader for UPF-Balkans, Mr. Robert Williamson, and Ambassador for Peace Mr. Aftikhar Ahme were followed with much interest. At the conclusion of the conference, three new Ambassadors for Peace were appointed.

Four people traveled from UPF-Bulgaria to participate in the conference, which was attended by Macedonian professors, students, and NGO leaders.

"It is necessary for this kind of meetings to be organized more often in our country," said Mr. Milazim Mustafa, state counselor in the government and the NGO Islam Youth Forum.

Ms. Muhamed Jashari, a student, said: "I think that this kind of conference will contribute to the development of tolerance and good will between people. Religious values are the fundamental values which can transform human life and bring people close to God." She quoted a Greek philosopher who said: "I met people without education, without civilization, or without national institutions, but nowhere have I met people without a religious temple."

A newly-appointed Ambassador for Peace, Prof. Shekerinka Ivanovska, said: "Unification of religions, races, and nations will lead to world peace." 

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