The Words of the Pause Family

We have moved in a new center in Ghaziabad near Delhi

Heiner Pause
September 2, 1971
Ghaziabad, India

Dear Mr. [Young Hwi] Kim,

In this month we have moved in a new center in Ghaziabad near Delhi. Since Rev. Clement P. Singh accepted the Divine Principle it is possible to come into close contact with the people here. Clement P. Singh is priest in the Methodist church and works as a tutor in a teaching center in Ghaziabad. In his leisure time he makes all efforts to help to lay a foundation here. Unfortunately he has a great family, so he is not free to move into the center. But he is living nearly so that we can have daily exchange.

Manohar Delawar, a young Christian, has moved into the center.

To have a financial basis we have opened a repair-shop.

In our spiritual work we have good contacts with Christian and Hindu people.

In the Name of our True parents,
Heiner Pause 

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