The Words of the Pause Family

I deepened my relations to young people

Heinrich Pause
June l, 1971
Delhi, India

This month I could start a job and, therefore, have good chance to get my official permanent visa. However, it takes quite a lot of time until my application will have been gone through by the authorities. So it can happen that when by the end of June my actual visa will have expired, I shall have to leave the country and to enter it again.

The possibilities of new contacts were rather rare. On the other hand I could deepen my relations to young people with whom 1 have been working just for a while. To have visible success requires much time and patience.

To avoid that useless time will be spent by waiting for visitors who, finally, did not come, I now give fixed hours of Principle teaching and take the spare time for witnessing in the street. The atmosphere is rather bad; Satan shows his face quite frankly. Nevertheless, I always have one or two good talks in the evening.

Also I could experience that students act as a group. I try to come into contact with them laying a base of confidence. In this way I hope to find the prepared people among them and to set the student body into motion. I think the new university -- year starting on 1st of July will bring good success. Furthermore, the whole city is a mission field, because everywhere I go (maybe on the way to work, in the bus, in the restaurant) I meet good people with whom I can talk about the Divine Principle. But the way is long and slow, and I myself have to grow working in this mission.

In the True Parents' Name,
Heinrich Pause 

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