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I started witnessing in the street in India

Heiner Pause
May 1, 1971
Delhi, India

Just at the beginning of last month I moved into a new center near the University. The next day I started witnessing in the street. Many of the students are living here in the neighborhood of the university in lodgings and homes or with their parents. In the evening they have meetings in the business centers in the quarters of Kamla Nagar and Jawahar Nagar. So it is easily possible to get contacts. Quite a number of students have already come to see me, and with four of them I still am in close connection.

The exams have already started and will be continued until mid-May. Afterwards the term vacations will last until the beginning of July, which will make my work somewhat more difficult. So I shall try to deepen the relationship to the people 1 am already in contact with and to come through them to new ones.

Next month I shall have a job; there was the opportunity to get work in a private factory, which will help to support the mission financially and possibly to open new ways to get a staying permit.

In the Name of the True Parents.
Heiner Pause 

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