The Words of the Pause Family

Today a small group promised to come and hear the Divine Principles

Heiner Pause
March 26,1971
New Delhi, India

Dear Mr. [Young Hwi] Kim,

Last week again I was at the university, my main witnessing area. This afternoon I had a conversation with a young man. He told me something about tine political situation here. He said, that communism is winning more and. more ground, and many students become members of a terrorizing group of communists called "Naxalites". They go into the villages to prepare for a revolution.

Yesterday I had the opportunity to talk with many students who are impressed by the ideas of Marx. Satan gleamed out of their eyes. When they really give the start to a fight, there will be much destruction, I'm afraid. For me it was not easy to keep quiet, seeing their aggressive intentions. But afterwards I felt very string.

The democratic students are disregarded. Those who have money become hippies, those who have none have their minds set on finishing their studies to get money. The Christian students don't have power enough to realize things, they are too deliberate. Moreover, there are some of them, who have money and therefore are not interested in what is happening around them.

Again I had the opportunity, to talk with a student, who is very influential in college. I knew him from the last meeting, and we are now going thru the whole principle book. Yesterday we finished chapter IV. The third Chapter seems to give him some trouble' he left very early but we'll meet again. If he only could understand, this would be a great step forward in my mission here. Some others visited me as well.

People are very attentive and listen carefully when I tell them about the principle. I already thought about baying a second-hand typewriter to copy the first three chapters in order to have some material to lend out, but a typewriter is rather expensive, so I'll see.

The way people react to principle is completely different from what I experienced in Germany. They never try to interfere, but listen patiently and take everything as it comes without showing any sign of response. I have no other choice than spreading out my gifts. I'm never really sure, whether it is being accepted or not. The next day I meet the same people again. Willingly they make room for me on the lawn at the university and listen again. Today a small group promised to come. I think, I must show them that I have even more patience than they themselves to earn their respect.

Everybody is slow and patient here, calmly they wait for the bus up to one hour if they have to. In restaurants they sit and sit in front of their meals. In the street it happens, that an ox-cart is tottering along by itself, as the driver has fallen asleep. As long as I am together with them, I have to move in the same w:, whether I like it or not, otherwise they would be offended. Sometimes I feel like sounding a trumpet in the wake of a storm to mobilize them and get them to move and dream of the day, when this will be possible.

As to myself I am in good health, although I lost much weight due to the change of food. Very seldom I see heavy people around here. The older they get, the thinner they are. At the end they are only skin and bones.

Next time I hope to bring good news. For all your help I am very thankful and send my greetings.

In the Name of the True Parents,
Heiner Pause 

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