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Jeonnam PBMK Spearheads Hoon Dok Crusade

Cheryl Pacis
May 22, 2012

Influenced and inspired by the heavenly Hoon Dok virus sweeping in Asia which originated in the Philippines, Jeonnam PBMK, Education Dept. adopts and campaigns for the 8 heavenly textbooks lifetime model syllabus as the core of educational materials here in the region. The reading of the Hoon Dok materials for 100 times starts from 1 Hour Exposition of the Divine Principle (EDP), 3HR EDP, 12 HR EDP, Divine Principle, As a Peace Loving Global Citizen, Peace Messages, Cheon Seong Gyeong and the World Scriptures and other True Parents' Speeches.

The regional goal is to reach out all members to receive detailed explanations on the value and effects of doing Hoon Dok thru area, church, home visitation and person to person as well as encourage them to make testimonies after reading every book for one hundred times. In addition, it's also be the book materials to witness to others.

Speaking to my personal experience, one migrant Filipina wife in Jeonnam, Hampyeong shared to me that it so difficult to adjust her life here in Korea. I told her that because Korea has a long history of sufferings anyone who comes to settle here has to go the way of suffering and difficulty. I further explained to her that what made us bear our difficulties and succeed in some degrees is because we have a guiding principle which is the Divine Principle, the teaching of our Unification church. I encouraged her to read the book one hundred times. She was very happy to receive and promise me to read the 1 Hour Exposition of the Divine Principle.

In Hampyeong church the head pastor, Rev. Jeongseop Jeong, will issue gift and certificate of completion after every Hampyeong church member reads completely 100 times every textbook as well as after submitting a written reflection. 

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