The Words of the Nakamura Family

Japanese Prominent Pastor Nakamura visited HSA-UWC

Yong Tyang Chang
July 19, 1970

Pastor Nakamura's speaking at Seoul Church

On July 19, 1970 Pastor Nakamura (60 aged) Japanese family who participated in Korean-Japanese Christian Laymen Meeting paid a visit to Seoul church, and after morning service he made testimony to the family members.

He said "It was my primary purpose to pay a visit to our Leader for me to come to Korea. I have been making contribution to society through ministering, education and artistic actions, but I could have hardly felt any significance in it. I was much moved with the purity of sexual moral through the Fall of man. For my part, existing churches have lost their influence over the laymen for the reason of decadent tendency of sex. Particularly I pay attention to the fact that no other glory has been a match for this one during my lifetime. Now I'm really willing to do my best in fulfilling my given mission and responsibility centering around True Parents." 

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