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Important Announcement From The International STF HQ

Shinji Nakamura
April 25, 2006

Dear STF Applicants:

As announced in the memo from FFUWPI dated March 15th, 2006, Hyun Jin Nim has been strongly encouraging us to clarify the contents of the 7-Year Course for Blessed Children as well as to create an international standard for the education of Blessed Children.

For those who choose to participate in STF training, the 7-Year course will consist of 2 years of STF training, 4 years of CARP activities while attending college, and 1 year of missionary training abroad.

The STF staff believes that it is important for all applicants to look ahead towards fulfilling the entire 7-Year Course as they begin their STF training and to decide clearly where they will participate in CARP activities after 2 years of STF training.

Until now, there was not a clear policy about this point, and some STF participants chose to join STF in certain locations according to their personal desires or situations. From now on, however, participants are asked to join the STF program in the country where they will attend college and continue their training through CARP. In this way, the educational pipeline of Jr. STF, STF, and CARP in each country/continent will be strengthened, and the overall training will be more effective.

For instance, if you plan to attend college in the United States, then you can join STF-USA. If you plan to study in Europe, you can join STF-Europe. This does not necessary apply to those who live in countries where STF is not yet established.

If you plan to join the STF program outside of your home country, you must first receive approval from the International STF HQ prior to contacting the STF of your preference.

Starting from this year, all STF chapters will have new application procedures (writing essays or tryouts, etc),therefore all applicants are recommended to contact International STF HQ other TF HQ of their respective country as soon as possible in order to be well informed as you prepare for application.

If you have any questions regarding this matter, or would like to receive an approval to join STF outside of your home country, please feel free to contact me.

Thank you.

Shinji Nakamura
Secretary General
International STF HQ 

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