The Words of the Kasongo Family

Louisiana’s Holiday Season Prayer Breakfast and Family Church Celebration

Jean B. Kasongo
December 23, 2007

The date was Saturday December 15, at 10 a.m. The venue was the historic Mount Moriah Missionary Baptist Church; this month’s gathering was the last of four monthly meetings focusing on Reconciliation and Healing. One of our Ambassadors for Peace had fallen in such deep love with our interfaith true love hurricane that he came to the prayer breakfast two hours early; another Ambassador for Peace came all the way from Baton Rouge to be with us. The spirit is starting to move from city to city!

After a special prayer for unity and healing by representatives from all three major Abrahamic faiths, we went on to an international world café, discussing how people see each other for thirty minutes. It was very lively and exciting. We will do it again! Dr. Simmie Lee Harvey, our host pastor, shared his testimony of how Father Moon has been the champion of real interfaith interaction and healing since the early ‘80s.

Next were ACLC goals and objectives, as well as a description of the membership drive. Two new people signed up; two others are considering joining ACLC in the near future.

Then four new Ambassadors for Peace were appointed; followed by a well-received recipe of how to heal the religious, the racial and the cultural divide.

Prayer breakfasts for the time between January and April 2008 will discuss "Rebuilding and Strengthening the Family."

On December 23, 2007, the Louisiana Family Church of Peace gathered at the Belle Terre Country Club in La Place for a special Christmas celebration.

With a medley of Christmas favorites, the first part of the program sought to share the real meaning of Christ’s first coming and the reality of his return in our lifetime, while the second part was a family gift exchange, breaking bread and spending time together in a relaxed family atmosphere.

One day earlier half a dozen of us went to Ozanam Inn in downtown New Orleans to help feed the homeless. We were asked to return by popular demand, and we shall visit our hurting brothers on Christmas Day. Glory to God and True Parents!

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