The Words of the Kasongo Family

Louisiana American Clergy Leadership Conference Monthly Prayer Breakfast

Jean B. Kasongo
September 29, 2007

This Saturday morning our third ACLC prayer breakfast was held at the Historic Mount Moriah Missionary Baptist Church, 10a.m-12 noon, there was a College football game between LSU and Tulane at 11a.m, which created a little bit of traffic jam, but did not prevent us to reach our arena on time. God showed up and showed out!

Twenty-one guests filed in, including two candidates for State Representative in district 95. Breakfast was served in the fellowship hall between 10- 10.30 a.m. by our three core Japanese blessed wives- Mrs. Mihoko Monestere, Mrs. Izumi Bonhagen and Mrs. Shigeko Miller.

At 10.40 all the participants moved to the sanctuary for the main program while powerful pictures of The We Will Stand tour were flashing on the screen; next we sang before representatives of the three Abrahamic faiths offered their perspective on reconciliation, as well as a prayer for reconciliation. Then we had our video presentation featuring the Fourth World Peace Tour on a dvd produced by Rev. Andre Jackson of San Francisco; it was very well received and spoke thousand words to the work and love of our True Parents.

Mrs. Kasongo brought the house down with a well-known Christian song" Since I Found the Lord," followed by Rev. Kasongo who gave a final word on Tearing Down the Walls and appointed eight new ambassadors for peace. Dr. Simmie Lee Harvey, our host pastor, shared his kind testimony about the relevance and unique flavor of ACLC.

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