The Words of the Kang Family

Witnessing In 1953

Hyun Sil Kang
January 1, 2007
Notes: Michael Jenkins

Dear Brothers and Sisters,
Happy True God's Day to all families and all generations.
Father asked Mrs. Kang the wife of Augustine to give her testimony on True God's Day morning -- 2007. Our focus for 2007 will be to multiply every foundation -- especially core members and core families. This testimony provides deep inspiration for such a development to occur.
Sincerely we thank True Parents for giving this to us on True God's Day.
Michael Jenkins

Mrs. Kang's Testimony:

When I joined in Pusan we lived in a hut about 2 meters square. When I look at the original palace I am without words. The prophecies of God are all being fulfilled. The fact is that what Father has done until today -- is a miracle.

The world of True Father would be here more quickly if we were living like Father lives.

Father appointed me as an Elder of the Taegu Church. In spring of 1953. He said we must pioneer Taegu. Father said a woman should pioneer Taegu because the women are strong in Taegu.

At that time I had no preparation to bring down the satanic world. Father worried for me. He didn't want to send me but he had to. His heart hurt so much in doing this. I could see in his heart Father was crying to send me. He asked me to go 40 days. I came back on the night of the 39th day. He wouldn't let me in -- he said its too early he said. I had to finish 40 days. Father said, I am following God the creator of heaven and earth. He is a brief account of my time in Taegu.

July 20th at midnight -- Father said it would be good if you could build a church. The kind of prayer he prayed was, "Heavenly Father I have to send this young girl because I cannot go." He asked Heavenly Father to protect me.

I went out on my first pioneering course. While still in Pusan before I left, on the first day a man bought me two sets of clothing -- I turned away -- and one was gone. I found that Father took one set of clothing -- I didn't understand. I felt lonely from this.

Latter I realized that Jesus told his disciples take only the shirt on your back and the gospel. Father gave me a little food and I left for my trip. I saw Father crying as I left. How much pain and sorrow he had to send one daughter out.

My heart was liberated by seeing his tears. I was so determined because I could see that Father believed in me. From that first day -- Father never thought that this won't work or he never doubted once the failure of this world wide mission. If Father had doubt we would have never made it.

I took the train to Taegu. I arrived with no place to go. Everyone was moving to their homes and destinations at the train station but I had no place to go. I felt scared. I prayed to God -- where should I go. I heard a voice -- "Whatever occurs or whatever happens to you -- are you saying that this is a difficult situation? Without resting for 6000 years I have come this way. I have endured for 6000 years and you think you are having difficulty. He called my name three times."

Don't forget that "I am with you." I could hear God's voice -- I was guided by the voice to a huge church. I felt I should kneel down and pray -- it was past midnight and they kicked me out. I went to the basement where Sunday school is held. .When I saw the city of Taegu -- I knew that there was not one person in that city that was on my side -- except God.

A man came while he was giving a testimony about a woman named Maria -- I gained great strength from this testimony. Father in tears was having to send me out. When I was in Taegu -- I prayed all night and a way was opened. I learned that if we have conviction -- and faith -- and keep praying God will bring the results to you and show you the way. . If you ask your parents for bread -- what parent would give you stones? God will give you what you need.

I climbed one mountain called Anju mountain. Someone invited me to pray on this mountain. The path was steep. We came to the top and we were going to pray to Heavenly Father. I prayed, "Please be with me. I know you want to have a church with New Words. Please allow this." We then had a church service and it was overwhelming in terms of the experience we have had. Rev. Yo Han Lee was there. The spirit was so beautiful and overwhelming. It was so beautiful. People were drawn in because they thought they heard angels singing. The people who came wanted to study the Bible. We studied. We had many revival meetings.

The first days of my 40 days we received so much grace. That kind of spiritual work took place. Then someone came and said -- someone truly wonderful is coming -- coming with a green clothes -- like army clothes -- they had a revelation -- who was that -- it was Father. They believed this man would come and pray for them. Father came in a used worn out army jacket. Church elders said they have never heard this content before. The words were based on the Bible but not in the Bible. They joined us. On the last day -- I gave a lecture on the second coming -- a man suddenly shouted and slapped his knee -- "I just received a revelation!". What did you receive, I asked? "Four characters appeared on paper to me -- they said, Korea, the Second Advent "

Many came -- we were persecuted and we had to move frequently. I couldn't even announce our next meeting because we might be pushed out of the place in which we were. We moved to another place and one elder said we have nothing and we are moving into a place that has nothing. However, we felt the spirit of God revealing most clearly at that time that he would guide us.

It was rumored that Moon "Yesu" "Jesus Moon" is a heretic and he is bringing a strange spirit to Pusan from North Korea -- now he is in Taegu stay away from him this Christian Minister was announcing.

Mrs. Kang sent him contents of the Principle -- he was astounded and said, "I heard that you have a heretic church but when I read the contents of the teaching I found it is correct from the Bible and that it is not heretical it is true. The minister was sent to us because he had a revelation that Noah's ark was closing and he had to join this ship "our little church" or he would be left behind. He joined us."

This is how we witnessed -- God did it. God was sending the people. Father pioneered Seoul. I had many letters from Father when he was in Seoul and when the police raided our church they took all of them. They were never found. How I wished we could have kept those letters. How historic they would be now. Their contents were so profound. Wherever Father went problems would occur. He would simply teach God's word and people would be interested. Immediately people would come and study but within the churches, the families and other areas people were shocked and would oppose Father. Every step we took we were totally condemned and opposed.

One person studying had a dream and said that he saw our teacher Rev. Moon was hungry in the dream and someone ran across the bridge to give Father rice. This actually happened in two cities in Taegu. Out of nowhere a stranger came running across the bridge to give rice to Father. That is how God works.

Father really touched God's heart deeply. The first way Father raised money was by the portraits of soldiers from the U.S. Army bases. Rev. Won Pil Kim the first disciple was doing those paintings and selling them. It took a long time to make the painting. Father found a way to greatly speed up the painting process. He would fill in the background. Father was drawing the paintings and carving the pencils. Father prepared everything for Rev. Won Pil Kim. (Father asked Rev. Kim to stand up and be recognized.) Rev. Won Pil Kim would paint the face and capture very well the key characteristics. Eventually they got very good at it. There was no way to make money -- it was war time -- Korean War. All of refugees were pouring into Pusan. Father never kept the money for himself Father would save up that money. He would use it for others. Father would buy a suit for someone or if it was someone's birthday he would buy meat (no one had meat at the time of war) for a special dinner for that person and buy him or her a gift. There was so much love. Father seemed to have such incredible fortune with money. Our church was growing and Father could raise the money to serve the people. Rumors spread around about our money fortune. One rumor spread around that Rev. Moon cuts paper the size of money and then puts a stack together and puts his hand on it and poof it turned into money! I told him that was ridiculous -- it was only through the paintings and hard, hard work that every penny came. When I reported to Father that story -- Father laughed and said -- "Why did you tell him that was not true!"

In the small hut (made from U.S. Army cardboard ration boxes) Father was talking about how we would be bringing the whole world together and that all religions would unite and that Christians would be traveling around the world witnessing to Father's work.. It seemed like fantasies! We were poor and had nothing. (Father was wearing a used ragged U.S. army jacket that he found.) What he was saying was so far away -- but now I see that all of it came true. Father can see everything. Everyone who believes that he knows everything are amazed at his sense. He knows about our ancestors and our current situation and our future descendants.

We must stand at the frontline together with Father. This seems to be some kind of dream we are living. Just think we are living here with Father. Is this really happening. If you believe it it will happen.

Father was telling me recently if you believe something is going to happen -- we are in an age now in which it will happen. If you think something will happen a certain way -- it will happen. Heaven is totally supporting us. If you believe 100 % -- then God will bring it.

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