The Words of the Goldberg Family

Metro Area Worship Impacted by Severe Storms -- Sunday Worship Service at Bladensburg High

Matthew Goldberg
June 30, 2012

Dear Unification Family Members,

The unusually severe storm last night knocked out power in many areas in Maryland. Recent reports indicated there are serious internet and power problems at the Bladensburg High School.

The Metro Ministry Team has received many calls from members who also lost their power and suffered felled trees and power lines in local areas.

Therefore, we will not meet for worship at Bladensburg High tomorrow, July 1. Please worship at home, turn on one of the recent sermons from and enjoy some quality time with your family and tribe in your home church areas. Pastor Matt and family will be in NYC and we will keep you all in our prayers. Please pray for us and thank you for your wonderful support.

Please take the opportunity to travel to New York if you are able, or enjoy worship at home and with your communities

Reverend Francis is working with New York technical staff to see if there is a way to tune in to the afternoon festivities and the Anniversary Celebration in New York.

We wish everyone a great day and I know that you will carry on with local plans for celebrations; Cruising, BBQ-ing and the like. Perhaps we can celebrate right on through the 4th of July.

See you next week!

Pastor Matthew Goldberg and family

To Access the Live 10:00 AM Service from New York

Click on the below link below; same link for the 3:00 PM celebration

Happy Anniversary to everyone and we hope you are able to gather in your communities for the morning service and the 3:00 PM Gala Celebration broadcast

Again, if you know of anyone w/o power please notify them of the change to service and other activities if you can reach them

Pastor Matthew Goldberg

If you and your family wish to worship with a larger group, you are cordially invited to attend the Washington, D.C. Unification Church Cathedral Worship Service at the same time.

1610 Columbia Road,
Washington, DC 

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