The Words of the Goldberg Family

Greetings to all on Memorial Day 2012

Matthew Goldberg
May 28, 2012

Dear Families,

Somehow it just seems right to send you all something special on Memorial Day.

This past weekend a few of us had a chance to help a sister in need find a safe place to stay where she can live with dignity and purpose as well as get the care she needs. Although it cost some of us old timers a bit of "above and beyond" exertion, I think we all felt better for having done it. Two young fellows from our rising generation got involved as well and without them, we would not have succeeded.

The experience made me proud to be a Unificationist. In a way we all have been in the army of the Lord of the Second Advent for many years. Some of us served as missionaries in foreign countries, some worked in various ways for God here in the US. We are all a bit different and each unique, however one thing we have in common is that we have given a lot for our faith and not asked much in return. We are a little bit like the soldiers who volunteered and fought in wars to maintain the freedoms worth defending.

On this particular day, as our district Pastor, Reverend Francis, reminded us, we take some time to remember those soldiers and sailors who have in the past and who are now defending our freedoms at great cost to self and family. As I recalled my dad, a WWII veteran, and read in the Times about Rolling Thunder it made me very thoughtful.

You know, a lot of people come back from wars with physical wounds and scars that heal eventually with the best medical care. The trouble is that because of the reality of the violence of war, and due to the life and death struggles that many of these men and women experienced, their perceptions of themselves will never be the same as those of a civilian. War mentality is not at all like the daily life in our busy nation here at home. Many come home with internal wounds and need more than medicine can provide.

Perhaps some of you can identify with the returning war veteran if you compare your times of spiritual struggle to being in a war of sorts. In spite of the fact that maybe our "war stories of faith" might not be quite as gritty as those of a soldier, somehow I think many of us can identify with the spiritual and emotional wounds of men and women who suffered in extreme circumstances.

So, if you have the chance today, or any day from now on, please extend a friendly smile and some warm regard and thanks for a veteran or a soldier, no matter if that person may seem aloof or tough looking. And please remember to be kind to one another, for we all bear scars and wounds of one kind or another and it helps to know that someone truly cares.

Thanks for listening and I hope you enjoy the attached poem on this Memorial Day.

God Bless,

Pastor Matthew Goldberg 

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