The Words of the Goldberg Family

Announcement: Closing the Greenbelt Office

Matthew Goldberg
May 7, 2012

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

Thank you for your dedication to God and True Parents.

Our Maryland Unification Church, has rented office space in Greenbelt over the past few years. We initially shared that space, and the expense of renting, with Reverend Francis, our District Pastor. More recently we shared the office with Dan Fefferman and Ray Mas of ICRF, who used it as a base for their work on behalf of religious freedom in Japan and elsewhere around the world.

Due to recent changes (The International Coalition for Religious Freedom now has its office at The Washington Times building), our ministry team realized that the expense of renting that space no longer serves the greater purpose of our Maryland congregation. Therefore, we will close that office by the end of June. This will save us $1200 per month of rental expenses plus utilities.

Our ministry and planning team agreed to encourage the growth of small group and community based ministry this year as we seek to share the message of the breaking news. Our Sunday worship will continue as it has been and our OSDP study (Wednesday evening) and Starting Point group (Thursday evenings) will meet as in Greenbelt for the rest of May.

Lovin' Life Worship Service on Sunday is meant to be an energizer for each of us, boosting our spirits so we resonate with music, joy and message. We can take that energy with us back to our homes, families and neighbors and share it throughout the week. Just as Rev. Krishnik said last week, each of us is special and valuable.

Many of our church members here in Maryland and elsewhere have shared their dreams of living the life we love as a part of an ever growing, increasingly vibrant spiritual community. That is the main message from Lovin' Life Ministry and we want to share that tremendous vision for living a positive and fulfilling life with everyone we know.

I hope many of you will join us this Sunday at New Hope Academy for worship. Please bring your friends and meet the church worship team, band members and your brothers and sisters. We are looking forward to welcoming new members to our midst so it will be a great celebration.

God bless you and see you on Sunday,

Pastor Matt and Marianne Goldberg and Maryland Lovin' Life Ministry Team 

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