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The season is changing

Matthew Goldberg
March 22, 2012

Sunday Service at New Hope Academy downstairs in the Auditorium (i.e. The Gym)
March 25, 2012 Lovin' Life Ministries Metro Area Worship Service
10-11:30 am

Sun Myung Moon in Korea watches Hak Ja Han speak in Japan March 9, 2012

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

Happy True Parents' Day 2012!

I hope you are having a good week so far. Tuesday was the first day of Spring here in the USA. My wife tells me that in Europe it is the 21st, the next day after ours. Perhaps the Europeans are more patient in that matter. One thing is for certain, the season is changing and new life abounds thanks to the grace of God. And, thanks to our True Parents, we are in the era of Cosmic Spring. This truly is a new age, brothers and sisters!

Many people ask, "What is really so different about this time?" I have to refer them to Revelations 21 v5. "Then he who sat on the throne said, 'Behold, I make all things new."' And in Revelations 21, v7, "He who overcomes shall inherit all things, and I will be his God and he shall be My son." Prophecy tells us that all things will be made as new and that we have responsibility to overcome the forces of darkness and gloom. We can enjoy the reality of becoming God's sons and daughters! Last Sunday our Maryland church members practiced compassion by helping beautify the Fire Station in the community where we worship. A few others went to visit neighbors in the area and made some new friends. Listening to stories people shared after we finished that activity, I could see that reaching out to connect with people who live nearby brings them joy and makes us happy too. You may see some new faces in church this Sunday. Please introduce yourself and make them feel welcome by introducing them to your friends and family.

This weekend will be packed with excitement, due to activities taking place in Korea in relation to the Marriage Blessing, International Sports Festival and True Parents' Day.

On the home front, here in the Metro DC Area, we will enjoy a Friday evening program at the Unification Church on Columbia Road. A link to Korea will allow us to see the ceremony at 10 pm here on the East Coast.

On Saturday there will be an Original Divine Principle program at the same place, with Maryland and DC joining forces to present a rich offering of spiritual food. I hope you can attend with a friend.

Saturday evening there will be an "Open Mic" session, starting at 6 pm at New Hope Academy, presented by the Youth Ministry.

As we prepare for Sunday's Worship Service please remember our core values, Inspire, Empower, Connect and Contribute. The amazing miracle of making a contribution to something greater than yourself is that it makes you a bigger person. There is a reason the bible teaches us to give at least 10% of our income as a tithe. It allows us to participate in the work of the church and it opens the gates of blessings that come along with cheerful service to a greater purpose.

We look forward to seeing you this Sunday. God bless you and keep you and your families in love and grace.

Pastor Matthew and Marianne Goldberg

Prayer Requests:

Pray for health and protection for True Family Please pray for all our young people going to Korea for protection and blessings Please pray for all those who may be struggling with matters of faith in these trying times.

Please pray for Steve Osmond's healing and recovery from cancer Pray for sister Deborah Gohr, recently hospitalized.

Announcements And Upcoming Events!

Celebrate International Cultures And A Marriage Dedication Night

Friday Evening, the 23rd of March.

Please join us at our National Cathedral in Washington, DC. The Metro Station at Columbia Heights is within walking distance of the church at 1610 Columbia Rd. Parking is free on the street where you can find it. Doors open to the public at 7:30 PM.

Unification Church Members, Families and Friends and Clergy as well as Ambassadors for Peace are welcome. Those who wish to extend an invite to the public may come to Columbia Road as early as 5 PM. We are also looking for volunteers to bring ethnic side dishes, so please bring your dessert or special food to share, enter by the side door and report to the kitchen downstairs by 7 PM. Supper served at 8 PM.

Some may want to come just to see the blessing proceedings in Korea, which will be shown in real time at 10 pm here on the East Coast. We recommend arriving at least a half hour early. Doors open for the dinner and entertainment at 7:30 PM. A 15 minute presentation about the Marriage Blessing will be shown before the transmission from Korea. This will be a great opportunity to bring family and friends and to get a taste of great food, good entertainment, testimony and fellowship.

Il Shim, "One Heart"

Our faith's coming of age ceremony for all 8th grade students (and older) in the D.C. Metro Area, E-mail with questions. The first session begins this Sunday, March 25, so please make sure your children register by that date! Check prior email for more information.

WFWF-MD: Women's Supper Club

Come join us every 4th Saturday for food, fun and sharing about the topic, "What is a woman?" We meet at the Dadachanji and Taylor home, 3100 Stonybrook Drive, Bowie, MD, from 6 – 9 pm.

March 24th, our topic will be," The beauty and heart of preparing food." Starting at 6 pm, Mrs. Hyang Joong Reddin will teach us how to make chop chae and share precious experiences she has had preparing food for True Parents. We will have time to share as we eat.

Please bring something pot luck to go with the chop chae and a donation to cover the cost of ingredients. RSVP to Kim. All ages are welcome.

Next month, Kyoho Jones will share about,"The healing power of touch", and guide us as we massage one another.

WFWP-MD: Women's History Month -

After our deeply moving journey to honor Harriet Tubman last Saturday, we will be having a follow-up gathering on Sunday, March 25, at 3 pm, at the Dadachanji and Taylor home, 3100 Stonybrook Drive, Bowie, MD. We will be watching the movie, "The Help", followed by discussion and dinner. All are welcome -- last week we had 17 people, "young and old", men and women, from 5 continents and 7 countries!

RSVP to Kim

Kick Start Your Health

Second "Kick Start Your Health" Workshop in Bowie; March 31 and April 1.

Gregg and Elke Noll will come back to Maryland to hold another "Kick Start Your Health" workshop at the Wilkening's house in Bowie, on March 31 and April 1. The last workshop filled up quickly and was very well received. If you are interested in this one, talk to Karen and Christoph Wilkening about it; visit the Shehaqua Family Facebook site; or call Gregg Noll. You can find a video with highlights from the last workshop on YouTube, when you search for "Kick Start Your Health Bowie."

Leaders For Adult Circles Needed

Here is a wonderful opportunity to get involved and inherit the joy of giving. We need adults to lead the "Adult Circles" after service on Sundays. Please contact Doug Burton or Libby Henkin to schedule a turn to host a circle.

Fortune Smiles on our Family Greeters Program

Would you like to inherit heavenly fortune by serving your church community as a family?

Who will be next "Family of the Week" to serve as greeters for Sunday Service? The job is easy and fun. A Greeter family just needs to meet with Pastor Matt at New Hope Academy by 9:30 am and greet until 10:05.

Become the Family of the Week by doing this. Contact Gay Grow to reserve your spot. Thank you!!

Korean Class

New Hope Chung Pa Korean School will begin on March 4th, 2012. BUT YOU CAN JOIN ANYTIME AFTER THE 4th!!

Classes for all ages and levels will be offered.

Do you already know Korean? You can volunteer as a Korean teacher! Stipends will be paid.

For any questions or concerns, please contact Lee.

High School Spring Workshop

April 6th-8th

Arrive: 8:30 AM at New Hope Academy, Friday, April 6th

Depart: 1 PM at Camp Letts, Sunday, April 8th Sunday Service and Launch Party will be at Camp Letts following the workshop from 1:30 PM until 4 PM

Registration will close on Sunday March 25th.

To register you will need:

Completed Registration Form
$60 Workshop Fee (Cash or Check made out to HSA-UWC)
Completed Prerequisite

There is one prerequisite for this workshop which must be turned in by Sunday March 25th: Write on page about the goals you set for yourself at the beginning of 2012. Talk about where you are right now in relation to those goals and how you are becoming the person you set out to be.

For any further questions please e-mail.

High School Spring Workshop Registration Form:

Name: _______________________________________


Phone Number:___________________


Parent's Phone Number: ___________________

Parent's E-mail: _______________________________

Double check that you have: Turned in registration form by March 25th Completed $60 payment via Cash/Check (circle one) Turned in my prerequisite

Blessing News

Getting Back on Track Workshops: The next East Coast workshop is May 31 -- June 3 in New York.

Shehaqua T-Shirt Design Contest: Deadline March 31

The Shehaqua family is holding their first Shehaqua T-shirt Design Contest with exciting cash prizes! A fresh design is wanted, and you could be the one submitting it. The only element that is required to be part of your design is the words "Shehaqua Family." Everything else is up to you. Express your creativity!

Submit your idea for a Shehaqua Family T-shirt by March 31. All submissions will be presented to a panel of six judges who will choose a winner. Their criteria for judging each design are how much it expresses the spirit of the Shehaqua Family programs, how original it is, and how artistically accomplished it is.

The winner of the Shehaqua T-shirt design contest will get a check of $100. The second- and third-place winner will get a check of $50 each, and the fourth- and fifth-place-winner will each win one of our brand new T-shirts.

Please read the rules at for details.

Employment and Other Opportunities

(All ads placed in Mid-Week Announcements are $20 per month; checks payable to HSA) (Also 10% of all profits from products sold after church are donated to Maryland Church via Gay Grow) 

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