The Words of the Goldberg Family

What did we do in 2011?

Matthew Goldberg
December 30, 2011

New Year's Day Sunday Service at New Hope Academy Multipurpose Room
"The Upper Room"
January 1, 2012
Lovin' Life Ministries Metro Area Worship Service
10-11:30 am

Dear Families,

As this year draws to a close this is a good time to set aside time for reflection. What did we do in 2011? How did we grow and what can we do better next year?

We cannot make progress unless we have a goal. And our goals are closely linked to our view of life. Turning away from evil and toward goodness can be a life long process and we are so blessed to have guidance from the living Messiah in this age.

Perhaps this passage from True Father's wisdom will provide some food for thought:

"Unificationists must sympathize and love this world and humanity that is like a pitiful orphan. You must understand that you must love them like your brother, like your sister, and like your parents as loving them in the Unificationist's creed.

Then what kind of life view have you been maintaining? All self centeredness, all selfishness. "Why should I do it when somebody else can do it?" But can you give to someone else that which is your responsiblity? Responsibility is absolute. We cannot avoid carrying our responsibility. It is a privilege for each individual."

We wish for you to experience True Parents' deep love and heart of compassion for this suffering world. Let us work together to make Lovin Life our motto in the coming year.

This Winter Quarter's Theme is "In Love".

What a great place to start a new year. See you in 2012!

God bless you,

Pastor Matthew and Marianne Goldberg

Prayer Requests:

True Parents and True Family

Please send any prayer requests to Administrative Assistant: Gay Grow.

Announcements And Upcoming Events!

New Hope Scholarships Available

New Hope is pleased to be able to inform the Unification Church Community that direction has come from Rev. In Jin Moon that HSA-UWC will be offering an education grant for Unification Church families who would like their children to attend New Hope Academy (NHA). The grant will provide up to 25% of tuition costs to qualified families with students in Pre-K3-11th grade. Applications for the grant can be emailed or mailed to you by contacting Joy Morrow at New Hope Academy.

Eligibility is determined by FACTS, an independent financial evaluation firm. The application fee to FACTS in nominal, less than $25. Families can go on line to complete the FACTS application. In addition, families of school-age children in grades K-11th may qualify for financial assistance from the school for up to an additional 20% discount on tuition. Students must go through the normal NHA application process and attend a tour and orientation at the school held most Thursday mornings promptly at 9:00 am, or the second Saturday of the month at 10:00 am. NHA is currently accepting students for second semester.

Mental Health Program (Free) for Prince George's families:

The National Alliance on Mental Illness is holding its free 12-week "Family to Family" Education Course, starting Tuesday March 6, 2012. Meets once a week at 7 pm, and is very helpful to families with a loved one with a problem like depression, bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, panic or anxiety disorder, obsessive-compulsive disorder, personality disorders, etc. Please call Dorie at NAMI-PG to register. More information at

From the Blessed Family Ministry (soon to be called Blessed Life):Blessing news:

The next Blessing Ceremony will be held March 22, 2012. More details are coming about this event, and about Level III pre-Blessing workshops for matched couples. All matching candidates who need help preparing materials for Websites (1st Gen or 2nd Gen), please feel free to contact District 1 Matching Advisers, Doug and Cheryl Wetzstein, Virginia Scazzero, Wendy Herstein or Annemarie Weinmann.

Getting Back on Track Workshops:

The next one is on the West Coast: Jan. 13-16, 2012 in Los Angeles. The next East Coast workshop is May 31 -- June 3 in New York.

Civil War Author: New Release

Our brother, William Connery, a member of the NoVa community, has just published his first book: 'Civil War Northern Virginia 1861.' The book covers the first year of the War Between the States in Alexandria City and Arlington, Fairfax, Prince William and Loudoun Counties. The book sells for $19.99 through the History Press ( Bill also has copies, which he can sign. This is the perfect Christmas gift for the History fanatic in your life!

Special Grace

Special Grace for Liberation and Blessing -- If you have questions, need help completing forms, or anything else that is related to the CP Providence, contact Laura Herbers by email or telephone to set up a time to meet. Contact Laura.


Need Autobiographies to Give Out? Want to fulfill Father's providential goal of handing out 430 copies? Want to promote True Parents, the Principle, and the church? Want to find spiritual children? Then contact Bob Selle. If you have extra books that you cannot use right now, please bring them to Ron Musiol at the book table after service and he will offer credit for them so that someone else can buy and distribute them.

Rooms, Employment and Other Opportunities

Job Opening:

Looking for a part-time position? Like People? Like to demonstrate interesting products? White Marsh Mall location needs people to take shifts during the new year! (Best if you have your own transportation; prefer over 21-year olds.) Call today!!!

Two Bedrooms for rent:

Quiet neighborhood in the Franconia/Springfield section of Fairfax County, VA. Fairfax has the best schools in the U.S. Right off I-95/495 and near I-395, close to shopping centers/malls and a 15-minute walk to Van Dorn Metro Station (blue line). Please call Bill Connery.

We Buy Cars, Trucks, RV's -- Any condition -- Distressed or Nice

Please Call Jim Boothby. Free Tow. Call for help with repair decisions, body work and insurance settlements. Late model, low mileage cars also available.

Room For Rent:

Furnished room for rent five minutes from the University of Maryland. Nice, quiet neighborhood. House backs up to woods. Call Jan van Zutphen for more information.

If You Need To Mail Your Tithing Check...

Make your donation check out to HSA-UWC, and drop it in the mail addressed to:

New Hope Family Church
PO Box 244
Riverdale, MD 20738 

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