The Words of the Goldberg Family

Prayers for protection of all of our Second Generation

Matthew Goldberg
November 22, 2011

Sun Myung Moon and Hak Ja Han, November 1, 2011

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

Praise and honor to God, True Parents and True Family, God is truly our Heavenly Parent who gave us the Blessing of matrimony in order to help us grow and perfect our spirits in the Original Image!

Marianne Strasser Goldberg, the most amazing blessed wife on the planet for your fortunate Pastor Matt, recently encouraged me to join her in general prayers for protection of all of our Second Generation. When we heard of Emily Randolph's car crash and Eric Walters need for our intercession, we redoubled our prayer efforts.

I confess we had become a bit lax in our daily discipline even though we kept regular prayers at some point daily. Repenting before God and True Parents we determined to keep our original commitment to rise before 5 AM and offer prayers at that hour. Of course prayer conditions are a matter of personal choice and some pray better at 6 AM or 7 AM or at midnight by preference.

My wife and I discovered it is good to make a short prayer to invoke God's Spirit and to invite our ancestors to Hoon Dok Hae. Next we study of a page of two of one of the 8 major works of True Father. Then we jot down in our journal and verbally share our reflection and action points for each day. As a Blessed Couple this works very well to set a firm foundation for each day. We feel the difference and the power of the Holy Spirit when we do this!

Please join us as you may be led by your spirit to pray each day for all our families and especially our Second Generation, our children of the Blessing. I suggest 7 minutes daily. The following points are easy to remember and help us to focus:

1. That our blessed children may be protected at all times in their minds, their emotions and in their physical bodies and spirits.

2. That we may become the best sons and daughters, brothers and sisters and husbands and wives and fathers and mothers that God created us to be.

3. That we grow in love toward one another and toward our neighbors as we advance the standard of love that seeks the joy and benefit of others for the sake of God's Kingdom.

May the Thanksgiving in our hearts carry us on through the last 40 days of this Western Calendar year and into the month approaching True God's Day in 2012.

Peace and Blessings,

Pastor Matthew Goldberg and Marianne 

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