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Autumn is in full swing

Matthew Goldberg
November 3, 2011

Sunday Service at New Hope Academy Gym
November 6, 2011
Lovin' Life Ministries Metro Area Worship Service
10-11:30 am

Sun Myung Moon and Hyung Jin Moon, October 2, 2011

Please remember to turn your clock back one hour Saturday night!

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

Autumn is in full swing! Change is in the air and color is in the leaves. This coming Sunday we will move our clocks back one hour (remember Spring forward, Fall back).

What is changing in your life? Some of our members went back to school this Fall. A few are studying overseas (such as Hedge Amrine in Korea) or in different parts of the USA (like Teo Wilkening in Southern California). If you meet a student from afar who is studying here in Maryland, like dear U of Md. freshman, Mimiko Liba, please reach out and make friends, welcome them into your heart and even your home.

Change happens in so many different ways. Some of us lost a job and are looking for a positive change to come. (Please pray for Brother Damian Anderson and brother De Truong). Some of us recently found a new job.... Congratulations to Dan Bankus.

Bill Root had a heart attack but in the doctor's words, "he won the lottery" and now Bill is recovering after bypass surgery. Please continue to pray for him and the Root family.

Our dear sister, Hattie Haworth, ascended to the Spirit World where she is as free to move as her imagination will take her. Attending her Seunghwa changed my life because I was able to testify to the difference she and her husband Larry made in the quality of my spiritual life and to the fact that it is True Parents who taught us to relate to one another on a deep heart to heart level. All who attended at the Columbia Road testimony service and at evening prayer sessions last week heard such uplifting and moving testimonies about how many, many people were touched by Hattie's quality of character and the warmth of her love. Please reach out to Larry now that the Seunghwa is over and let your heart lead you in the way of caring as brothers and sisters in one family under God.

Pastor Goldberg's car broke down this week after valiantly travelling over 20,000 miles on church related business this year. Thank God it was not worse! Please pray the little Volvo will recover at the auto shop and get back on the road soon. And many thanks to those who have helped with rides here and there till it gets fixed.

Our church is changing! If you have not yet gotten a copy of "Snapshot" the new booklet describing Lovin Life Ministries, please ask for one at the book table this Sunday. We have a new look and we are finding new seekers every week all over America, even here in the DC Metro Area.

Please sign up for the Original Substance of Divine Principle Seminar in Atlantic City (see the announcement below). Bring a guest if you can but come anyway for the sake of your own spiritual life. After 55 years, Father has revealed a deeper level of Divine Principle and it is powerful and life changing as many have reported to me.

If you have any changes you wish to share (even phone numbers or addresses) with the community, please contact Church Secretary, Gay Grow this week. We all want to make changes to better this world and it begins right here with you and me, brothers and sisters.

God Bless you and see you on Sunday.

Pastor Matthew and Marianne Goldberg

Prayer Requests:

Please keep Mary Oben in your prayers for recovery from surgery. Bill Root is recovering after double bypass heart surgery. Prayers and acts of service the Root family much appreciated.

Please send any prayer requests to Secretary Gay Grow.

Announcements And Upcoming Events!

40 Days of Prayer -- Oct 14th to Nov. 22nd for 3,000 clergy education.

MD Women's Annual Holiday Gathering and Gift Exchange

SAVE THE DATE: Saturday, December 17, 2011 Luncheon from 12:00 -- 2:30 pm (order from menu) Big Fish Grille -- 1260 Crain Hwy. (Rt. 3) -- Crofton, MD 21114; 1st and 2nd generation ladies. More to follow in weeks ahead.

Love the holidays?

Join a group of us going to see the musical, "White Christmas" at Toby's Dinner Theater in Columbia, MD on Friday, December 9. Tickets will be between $45 and $52 depending on how many people are in our group. Please call by Nov. 7 as tickets will sell out. Sponsored by Couples in Motion--call Arthur Herstein (301) 793-8839 or Wendy Herstein (202) 468-8839 to reserve your spot.

Original Substance of the Divine Principle Assemblies- Sunday, November 6 (7 pm) till Wednesday, November 9 (1 pm) in Atlantic City, NJ at the Trump Plaza Hotel.

We need 50 people from this region to fill a bus leaving from New Hope Academy. Register online. "Junction" Young Adult Gathering -- On the UMD Campus each Wednesday evening. For information Contact Teresa Ferrete.

Special Grace for Liberation and Blessing

If you have questions, need help completing forms, or anything else that is related to the CP Providence, contact Laura Herbers by email or telephone to set up a time to meet.

Saturday Nov. 12, 2011 "Spirit World Seminar" by Ron Pappalardo, author of "Reconciled By the Light:

The After-Death Letters from a Teen Suicide." Mr. Pappalardo, a 2075 Blessed Couple, reiki master, gifted medium, and graduate of Morris Pratt Institute's "Course on Modern Spiritualism," will discuss modern spiritualism and how it connects to Unificationism, and how to develop one's own spiritual senses and improve prayer life. Space is limited. RSVP to Wetzsteins. Seminar is 9 a.m. to 3 p.m., $15 per person. Light lunch included. Location: Greenbelt office of New Hope Family Church, 7245 Hanover, Suite A, Greenbelt, MD 20706.

East Coast Parents Matching Convocation.

November 18th -20th at UTS in Barrytown, NY. Parents and Blessed Children aged 24 and older are welcome. Matching adviser training will be held also. Look for memo on or contact Wetzsteins.

Need Autobiographies to Give Out?

Want to fulfill Father's providential goal of handing out 430 copies? Want to promote True Parents, the Principle, and the church? Want to find spiritual children? Then contact Bob Selle.

STAR Program at Lovin' Life:

Richard and Stacey Urban Sundays for 8 weeks, at 5:00 p.m. Location: Emergence Community Arts Center, 733 Euclid St. NW, Washington, DC 20001 Help youth from 6th grade to young adult to experience God's Love and help them to succeed by encouraging them to abstain from sex before marriage as well as abstaining from drugs and alcohol.

New Ministry Seminar coming...

Sunday Dec. 11, 2011 "Let's Celebrate Our Eternal Life: Seunghwa Ministry Seminar," presentations on the Seunghwa history and tradition, the theology of the ministry, and testimony. Let's honor our brothers and sisters who went before us to the spirit world. RSVP. Seminar is 1 -- 3 p.m. $5 per person. Contact Bill Selig or Hiromi Stephens for details. Location: New Hope Family Church.

Enjoy the Slide Show of the Fish Finders and Hikers Small Group.

Send in any photos of your small group you would like to share.

Rooms, Employment and Other Opportunities

Job Opening:

Looking for a part-time position? Like People? Like to demonstrate interesting products? White Marsh Mall location needs people to take shifts over holiday season! (Best if you have your own transportation; prefer over-21 year olds.) Call today!!!

Two Bedrooms for rent:

Quiet neighborhood in the Franconia/Springfield section of Fairfax County, VA. Fairfax has the best schools in the U.S. Right off I-95/495 and near I-395, close to shopping centers/malls and a 15-minute walk to Van Dorn Metro Station (blue line). Please call Bill Connery.

Room For Rent:

Beautiful furnished room, with private bath, including utilities, TV and internet. House located close to Good Luck Road/Hanover Parkway. Please contact Jahan and Ivy Shahi for more information.

We Buy Cars, Trucks, RV's -- Any condition -- Distressed or Nice

Please Call Jim Boothby. Free Tow. Call for help with repair decisions, body work and insurance settlements. Late model, low mileage cars also available.

Room For Rent:

Furnished room for rent five minutes from the University of Maryland. Nice, quiet neighborhood. House backs up to woods. Call Jan van Zutphen for more information.

If you need to mail your tithing check...

Make your donation check out to HSA-UWC, and drop it in the mail addressed to:

New Hope Family Church
P.O. Box 244
Riverdale, MD 20738 

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