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Results begin with me

Matthew Goldberg
September 30, 2011

Sun Myung Moon and Hyung Jin Moon (with his new puppy), July 13, 2011

Sunday Service at New Hope Academy Gymnasium
7009 Varnum Street
Landover Hills, MD
October 2, 2011
Lovin' Life Ministries Service
Reverend In Jin Moon 10-11:30 am

Following Sunday Service lunch will be offered upstairs and then we will welcome Mr. Jin Sun Park for a special presentation in the afternoon back downstairs at 1 PM

Dear Blessed Families,

I saw a cartoon recently that really made me laugh. This group of "suits" (that's 60's lingo for stuffed shirt guys dressed up for business) is sitting around the board room table and looking at a chart that shows a declining line zig zagging its way down the chart to near zero. One of the suited gents turns to the other and says "It seems like we just don't care anymore, Harry." And Harry says, "Yeah, I think you might be right. By the way, what was it we used to care about?"

Just for the record, we had 345 attendees counted last week at Sunday Service and the week before it was more than 400. At least 100 of our church members were either camping at the beach or dancing at Camp Shehaqua, so last week was good all things considered. Tithing is steadily increasing and on the average it is not bad at all.

Still, you might be like Charlie and Harry and not know what it was you used to get passionate about. I hope not.

I want to encourage you to come out to dance tomorrow evening. Young folks are coming to town and you will not want to miss your blessing. Meet us at New Hope for pizza at 6 PM – salad will be there as well. Lettuce have a good time! Reverend In Jin Moon's husband will be there to coach us in dancing the night away. It's a party. You can come at 3 PM to help decorate if you wish!

One of our elder brothers recently reminded me of a key point in Divine Principle. "God can deal only with the results of the Principle." This dear brother quoted one of our educational icons, Reverend Ken Sudo, who used to say, "Results begin with me."

If we are honest, we have to reflect sincerely on the advice of our young, yet wise, International Unification Church Leader, Reverend Hyung Jin Moon. We are indeed sinners and in need of redemption through God's eternal love, essentially the love of True Parents. We have to renew our minds and direct our thoughts and actions in a right way. I need to look "at the man in the mirror" and honestly ask "Do I like what I see?" If not, then I need to get to work and change my thinking, change my behavior and maybe even change my socks!

Are you paying attention? I was just checking to see if you are reading this. How is your relationship with God? Are you grateful? Are you feeling in the spirit or out of the spirit?

It's easy to sit on the sideline and complain. We have all done that and it just makes things worse. It can even lead to depression. It is possible to get to the point where we are just waiting to die.

Brothers and Sisters, that negative thinking is NOT what God is asking of us in this new age of Cheon Il Guk!

To sum it up, let's get happy. It beats the alternative. I know you have it in you.

See you on Saturday. And Sunday.

Pastor Matt and Marianne Goldberg

Announcements and Upcoming Events!

Starting Sunday, October 9, Gay Grow will be replacing Keiko Burton as the contact person for manning a table after Sunday Service. Tables are open for Unification Church activities only, (stationed outside the Multipurpose Room) and if anything is sold, then 10% of the profits will be collected by Gay that Sunday and donated to HSA. She needs a few days advance notice.

New Hope Academy

We are looking for families to host international high school students for two weeks only from January 29-Feb 11, 2012. Host families will be paid $400 for the two weeks for each student. Two students can share a room. Families supply all meals and transportation to and from school. The goal is for the student to have an opportunity to speak English and experience American life and culture. We need to determine by Tuesday, October 4 whether we have enough host families to be able to contract to do this program. Interested families should call Janelle or email her. Please indicate gender of students.

Blessed Family Department

Level I Workshop, "Understanding the Blessing," will be held Oct. 15 -- 16 in New York City. This is introduction to the Blessing for those aged 16 and older. Registration questions to Workshop fee is $120 until Sept. 14, and higher after that. For more information contact the Wetzsteins.

Postponed: Level III Workshop on West Coast Sept. 30 -- Oct. 2.

European Parents Matching Convocation: Sept 30 -- Oct. 2 (Germany).For more information, write to For candidates to be displayed, please make sure photos and information is uploaded to by Sept. 28. Contact the Wetzsteins.

East Coast Parents Matching Convocation: Nov. 18-20 at UTS in Barrytown, NY. Parents and Blessed Children aged 24 and older are welcome. Matching adviser training will be held also. Look for memo on or contact the Wetzsteins.

If You Need To Mail Your Tithing Check

Make your check out to HSA-UWC and drop it in the mail addressed to:

New Hope Family Church
PO Box 244
Riverdale, MD 20738-0244

Employment And Other Opportunities

All announcements and advertisements for the Mid-Week Announcements need to be written and emailed to Gay Grow by Wednesday at 5 pm.

House For Rent:

1-floor rancher: 3 bedrooms/2 bath in Springdale, MD. Four miles from New Hope Academy. Call Debbie or Cecil Robbins for more details.

Two Bedrooms For Rent:

Quiet neighborhood in the Franconia/Springfield section of Fairfax County, VA. Best school district. Right off I-95/495 and near I-395, close to shopping centers/malls and a 15-minute walk to Van Dorn Metro Station (blue line). Please call Bill Connery.

Room For Rent:

Beautiful furnished room, with private bath, including utilities, TV and internet. House located close to Good Luck Road/Hanover Parkway. Please contact Jahan and Ivy Shahi for more information.

Room For Rent:

Furnished room for rent five minutes from the University of Maryland. Nice, quiet neighborhood. House backs up to woods. Call Jan van Zutphen for more information.

We Buy Cars: We Buy Cars, Trucks, RV's -- Any condition -- Distressed or Nice

Please Call Jim Boothby. Free Tow. Call for help with repair decisions, bodywork and insurance settlements. Late model, low mileage cars also available. 

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