The Words of the Goldberg Family

A Repentance Practice Within Our Church

Matthew Goldberg
March 3, 2011

Sunday Service at New Hope Family Church
March 6, 2011
Lovin' Life Ministries Service
Reverend In Jin Moon
10-11:30 am

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

Thank you all for doing your best to follow True Parents and live a life of sincere faith.

I was invited to attend a small group Hoon Dok Hae study yesterday in the far off land of Silver Spring, MD. What a stroke of good fortune that turned out to be! The families in that community take turns hosting the meetings in their homes and the focus of the study last night was a recent talk given by Reverend Hyung Jin Moon, our Unification Church International Pastor.

Hyung Jin nim, the youngest son of True Parents, has initiated a repentance practice within our church. As we took turns reading his words, it became clear to me that our way of thinking about ourselves has tended to become self congratulatory and arrogant. Reverend Moon makes a distinction between what her term "normal religion" and truth. Normal religion is pretty much the way the average person practices his or her faith, be it Jewish, Christian or what have you. The Jewish person believes that obeying and following all the laws and proscriptions of Moses will bring her close to God. The Christian person feels that just accepting Jesus Christ as a personal savior, everything will be OK with God. Perhaps the Unificationist thinks that because we "know True Parents" and have been given our Holy Blessing, therefore we are better than others. But there is a big difference between these "normal" beliefs about ourselves and God vs. the truth.

The truth is, as Rev. Hyung Jin points out, we are sinners. I am a sinner, you are a sinner and all people tend to commit sin every day in many ways. Our only hope is to admit and confess and repent of our sins and then and only then can we receive the grace of God and True Parents.

Trying to become perfect can easily lead to either arrogance or self hatred. But neither of these extremes is helpful. In fact both are self centered. We need to turn the spotlight away from myself and on to God.

I encourage you to explore these ideas by visiting on your computer.

Some of our brothers and sisters in Washington, D.C. are adopting a prayer and chanting condition starting at 9:20 AM each Sunday before the church service begins in the sanctuary.

What are some of the benefits of admitting that I am not better than others, just because of my religious beliefs?

To begin with, when my leader tells me that he, too, must repent and ask God's forgiveness for sin, this liberates me to do the same.

Secondly, once I really do face my sins, my errors and my infirmities, I become better able to embrace my coworkers, family members and yes, even my coreligionists!

Third, confession, repentance and rededication to God are good for my spirit and the soul.

Please continue to meet in small community groups, or if you do not presently belong to one, why not start one this coming week? The community that prays together, stays together.

By the way, I will be going to Las Vegas this weekend to attend True Parents. Thank you all for your prayers. I promise to pay close attention and bring back any "breaking news" that I hear as soon as possible.

Enjoy the rest of the week and please love life through worship at New Hope on Sunday!

Pastor Matthew and Marianne Goldberg

Announcements and Upcoming Events!

The Gambia -- Side By Side

If you or someone you know would like to go to The Gambia this summer from the last week of June through the first two weeks of July, (3 weeks in all) please get in touch with me as soon as possible. Applicants need to be 17 or older, a "team-player", and have a willingness to serve. Each year has turned out to be a life-changing experience. We have been fund-raising already so all room, board, and program expenses will be covered. Participants will just need to pay for their round trip airfare, which will be between $1500-$2000. If you are in the Metro area and can help with any of the fund-raising, a substantial portion of the profit can be put toward your airfare depending on your time investment. Email is best to Aunt Bev.

Parents' Matching Meeting

Saturday afternoon March 5: "Matching 101" meeting to assist parents and other family members to become familiar with two main 2nd Gen matching web sites, new Family Matching Handbook, upcoming events and resources. Japanese translation provided. Families with Jacob Children and 1st Gen candidates welcome.

Saturday, March 5, from 1-5 PM

Owen Brown Interfaith Center, 7246 Cradlerock Way, Columbia, MD 21045; (410) 381-2000.

Cost: $10 per adult, $15 for couples or parent and older sibling.

To register: email

Registration forms, name tags and Family Matching Handbook at

Please bring a laptop computer (all candidate profiles are online). Families may bring pictures and profiles of their own candidates, but there isn't a "display board." Bring contact cards, if desired, to give to other families. Bring Registration forms and name tag. Families may bring their own printed-out version of Family Matching Handbook or purchase newly published copies at the event. Questions? Call Wetzsteins.

Pastor Matthew Goldberg Available

Pastor Matthew Goldberg will be available to meet with you at the Greenbelt office; 7245 Hanover Parkway, Suite A, Greenbelt, MD, 20706 by appointment Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday from 9 am till noon. Call Gay Grow if you wish to make an appointment. Also, Pastor Matt is available for prayers and official ceremonies with one week's notice. Call Gay Grow for your request.

Youth Ministry Van

Do you want a new Youth Ministry van? Well, we do too! And we need your help. Group fundraising will take place every Saturday at 10 am at Abendroth's home, 3601 Mabank Lane, Bowie, MD 20715.

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Women Of Wonder

Women of Wonder (W.O.W.) is a group of "joyful, compassionate women who strive to 1) Uncover our true selves, 2) Explore life, and 3) Help others. We have been gathering as a book club for many years to study and share our joys, troubles and miracles. We make intentions for ourselves and our loved ones and help each other by prayer and service. This session we will watch video sessions of Joyce Meyers for three meetings. The titles of the CDs are: 1) Establishing Boundaries in Relationships, 2) An out of Control Soul, and 3) De-stress Your Life". We will then read and study the book, "Captivating: Unveiling the Mystery of a Woman's Soul" by John Eldridge and his wife. Contact Karrin Brady, Wendy Herstein, Debra Gertz or Robin Musiol for more information.

Employment And Other Opportunities

All announcements and advertisements for the Mid-Week Announcements need to be written and emailed to Gay Grow by Wednesday at 5 pm. And announcements for the Sunday bulletin need to be written and emailed to Gay by Friday at 5 pm.

Do Your Dollars Make Sense?

Can you think of any neighbors and friends who could benefit from learning how to improve their credit score? Do your friends a big favor and invite them to a meeting where they can receive free information on how to take dominion over their finances and how to take steps to get out of debt. Come and bring your guests to the Greenbelt Office, 7245 Hanover Pkwy, Suite A, 20770 to learn how to manage credit and personal / family finances by attending a free seminar this Sunday afternoon from 4 to 6 pm. Contact Ezra Karimi or Debbie Robbins. See attachment for more details.

Room For Rent

Furnished room for rent including utilities, high-speed internet and breakfast. $550. Call Cecil or Debbie Robbins for more information.

Bedroom For Rent

Bedroom for rent in Laurel, Howard County. Howard County has the best schools in the state. Driving distance to colleges. Close to JHAPL, NSA, right off I 95. Please call David or Kathy.

Room For Rent In Bowie

Will and Clair Stein have a room available in April and are looking to share their home with a BC. All the information is on the house website; Or you can call Will Stein.

Interns Wanted

Interns Wanted: Help defend the human rights of our Unification Church members in Japan and work for religious freedom around the world. The International Coalition for Religious Freedom is looking for young people to fill 3 part-time positions. PAID!!

Update the ICRF web site at

Translate documents from Japanese to English

Research/update reports on religious freedom in countries throughout the world

Work at our office in Greenbelt MD, or from home –10 to 20 hours per week. Great work for a student or young parent. Please let us know if you qualify for any or all of the above jobs. Contact or send resume to Diana Weber at 

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