The Words of the Goldberg Family

Spring Is Sprung

Matthew Goldberg
February 17, 2011

Sunday Service at New Hope Family Church
February 20, 2011
Lovin' Life Ministries Service
Reverend In Jin Moon
10-11:30 am

Dear Families,

Spring is almost here.

Perhaps you might enjoy this little bit of doggerel, written by a Brooklynite:

Spring is sprung, the grass is riz,
I wonder where da birdies is?


Now, brothers and sisters, I am not sure who this poet, "Anon," actually was, but he or she seems to have written quite a lot of poetry over the years.

What about you? Are you a poet and don't know it?

They say I'm a Longfellow, and my feet show it!

With a little luck and help from the groundhog, winter is winding down here in Maryland. Birds start their singing earlier each morning and we can even wander outside at noon without a jacket these past two days.

Yet I wonder; have you ever felt trapped in a sort of "spiritual winter", stuck in a space where you feel empty and aching, caught between uncertainty and willingness to take a leap of faith? Do you ever feel there are icy places in your soul may never melt? Talk to your heavenly father about it. Talk with a friend about it. Don't be afraid to confess your fear or your pain.

True Father speaks of the God of day and the God of night, and we ponder what that might mean.

Saint John of the Cross spoke of a "dark night of the soul" like a cleansing fire of shadowy struggle, which we all must go through in order to see ourselves more clearly in the light of truth.

Contemporary spiritual psychologist Thomas Moore writes in his recent book, "Care of the Soul",... "most of us bring to everyday life a somewhat naive psychological attitude in our expectation that our lives and relationships will be simple. Love of the soul asks for some appreciation for its complexity."

Hyung Jin Moon, our HSA International leader is calling Unification Church members to repent and confess our sins and receive the Holy Spirit. Often the Holy Spirit manifests itself as a cleansing fire.

Please remember, "If God brought you to it, God will see you through it." I am not sure where I heard that but I know it to be true. So please brothers and sisters, do not be afraid of who you are. Please do not be afraid to confess your shortcomings. God is ready and willing to forgive. Are you ready and willing to forgive those who hurt you?

The Kingdom of Heaven is nearer to you than you think.

May God's eternal blessing be upon you and your family.

See you at New Hope on Sunday!

Pastor Matthew and Marianne Goldberg

Announcements and upcoming events!

Women's Federation For World Peace

There will be a continuation to our Friendship Gathering at the home of Kim Dadachanji, 3100 Stoneybrook Drive, Bowie, MD on Thursday, February 17 at 7:00 pm. All are welcome!

Young Adult Couples With Children

Birthright: What you pass on to your kids. Meeting in Founder's Room at New Hope Academy, 7009 Varnum Street, Landover Hills, MD right after Sunday Service, February 20. 12:15 pm.


"I Just Haven't Meant You Yet" -- Creating my Happily Ever After...Today! Hear testimonies from blessed couples and parents about preparing for the matching and blessing. Saturday, February 19. Parents and children 12 and up are welcome! Please bring snacks and drinks to share!

7:30 -- 9:30 pm.
Maryland CARP Center,
3412 University Blvd,
College Park, MD

All are welcome, but for planning purposes, please let us know how many from your household are planning on attending each event.

Women's Federation For World Peace

Women's Federation for World Peace will hold a Gathering for Friendship for sisters living in the Laurel, Columbia/Ellicott City, and Baltimore area on Friday, February 25, at 7 pm at the home of Vicki Phelps in Ellicott City (4033 St Johns Lane). Call for more information. Kim Dadachanji, Maryland WFWP chairwoman, will share her thoughts on WFWP and listen to yours.

Women's Federation For World Peace

First, We thank you for Mrs. Wendy Herstein to demonstrate "Color-Me-Beautiful". We all had a great time. And we will continue our Friendship Gathering at Emiko Butler's home, 7918 Woodbury Dr, Silver Spring, MD 20910 on February 26, 1 -- 3 pm. Come with your friends for a "meet and greet" and share your thoughts. Light refreshments will be served. We are looking for a make-up artist for this gathering. If you know someone, please call.

Dancing With True Love

Everyone, young and old is welcome and you don't need a partner. Just bring comfortable shoes.

Here is the schedule.

February 20 12:00 -- 1:30 PM

February 27 12:00 -- 1:30 PM

No dance lesson in March -- unless you follow us to Japan Call / email us if you have any questions.

Rex and Emiko Butler

Parents' Matching Meeting

Parents' Matching Meeting: District 1: On Saturday, March 5 in Columbia, MD, there will be an afternoon meeting (1 -- 5 pm) about parent matching for 2nd Gen. Information about location, cost, program and registration at . Plan on bringing a laptop computer as we can help you navigate Matchbook and International matching site. For more information contact the Wetzsteins.

Connections Book

Connections books 2011 are now available at $5 each at your local church.

Pastor Matthew Goldberg Available

Pastor Matthew Goldberg will be available to meet with you at the Greenbelt office; 7245 Hanover Parkway, Suite A, Greenbelt, MD, 20706 by appointment Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday from 9 am till noon. Call Gay Grow if you wish to make an appointment. Also, Pastor Matt is available for prayers and official ceremonies with one week's notice. Call Gay Grow for your request.

Youth Ministry Van

Do you want a new Youth Ministry van? Well, we do too! And we need your help. Group fundraising will take place every Saturday at 10 am at Abendroth's home, 3601 Mabank Lane, Bowie, MD 20715.

If You Need To Mail Your Tithing Check...

Make your donation check out to HSA-UWC or New Hope Family Church, and drop it in the mail addressed to:

New Hope Family Church
P.O. Box 244
Riverdale, MD 20738-0244

Women Of Wonder

Women of Wonder (W.O.W.) is a group of "joyful, compassionate women who strive to 1) Uncover our true selves, 2) Explore life, and 3) Help others.

We have been gathering as a book club for many years to study and share our joys, troubles and miracles. We make intentions for ourselves and our loved ones and help each other by prayer and service. This session we will watch video sessions of Joyce Meyers for three meetings. The titles of the CDs are: 1) Establishing Boundaries in Relationships, 2) An out of Control Soul, and 3) De-stress Your Life". We will then read and study the book, "Captivating: Unveiling the Mystery of a Woman's Soul" by John Eldridge and his wife. Contact Karrin Brady, Wendy Herstein, Debra Gertz or Robin Musiol for more information.

Employment And Other Opportunities

All announcements and advertisements for the Mid-Week Announcements need to be written and emailed to Gay Grow by Wednesday at 5 pm.

Room For Rent

Furnished room for rent including utilities, high-speed internet and breakfast. $550. Call Cecil or Debbie Robbins for more information.

Bedroom For Rent

Bedroom for rent in Laurel, Howard County. Howard County has the best schools in the state. Driving distance to colleges. Close to JHAPL, NSA, right off I 95. Please call David or Kathy.

Interns Wanted

Interns Wanted: Help defend the human rights of our Unification Church members in Japan and work for religious freedom around the world. The International Coalition for Religious Freedom is looking for young people to fill 3 part-time positions. Paid!!

Update the ICRF web site at

Translate documents from Japanese to English

Research/update reports on religious freedom in countries throughout the world

Work at our office in Greenbelt MD, or from home –10 to 20 hours per week. Great work for a student or young parent. Please let us know if you qualify for any or all of the above jobs. Contact or send resume to Diana Weber. 

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