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Matthew Goldberg
December 16, 2010

Season's Greeting to all our wonderful brothers and sisters, you are true heroes of faith in God and True Parents.

The crystalline white fluff falling from the sky today seems to be saying, "Peace on Earth and Good Will to all... as well as "I'm Dreaming of a White Christmas!" from angels in heaven (back up group for Bing Crosby, of course).

Here are a few commons sense sayings to warm your hearts as you gather with family and friends over a cup of hot cocoa:

Be careful driving, it is not only cars that can be recalled by their Maker.

Some days you are the pigeon and some days you are the statue.... get used to it.

Birthdays are good for your health. The more you have, the longer you live....

"The only thing worse than thickness of head, is hardness of heart"

My wife Marianne, who is from Austria (the heart of Europe), loves the snow. It's a good thing too, because I, her faithful husband of 28 years, am not a big fan of cold weather. My toes freeze as soon as the mercury goes below 70 degrees. Miami looks better to me every year after November 1st. Besides, where can you go swimming in December around here? I mean with sunshine and all that warm air.....

I am convinced that the reason people have so many celebrations this time of year is to cut the cold and huddle for warmth.

Maybe we ought to have more celebrations in gratitude for the blessings our Heavenly Parents keep pouring out upon us. Maybe we ought to take stock of how far we have come and where we are going at this time of year as we look inward.

Whenever I am tempted to complain about the cold I think back on past winters that were tough.

Perhaps many of you, veterans of MFT, can recall scenes like this one:

It's Christmas Eve and you are standing in front of a restaurant full of warm happy people getting chubby and having Christmas cheer. Your mind travels back in time to what might have been Bethlehem 2,000 years ago... standing on the outside, looking in and feeling lonely, hungry and homeless reminds you of Jesus' real situation in ancient Israel's cold hard winter days.

The ruler of a nation specially prepared to receive her spiritual King will soon issue an edict to kill all the newborn baby boys for fear that a child prophesied to appear, one predicted to come as Messiah, will grow up and one day lead the nation, threatening the establishment that pays tribute to Rome and the "Gods" of this world of sin and raw power. His mother, wisely and with angelic assistance, escapes with the newborn babe to Egypt where he will be safe for the time being...

The political climate of those ancient times made for pretty bad time for a Savior to arrive... then you start wondering if selling flowers on this holiday night in 1977 is really going to bring about the era of the returning Christ in our times...

There you are shivering in the cold midnight clear, on Christmas Eve, promoting a vision of a world of peace... selling frozen roses. You believe it in your heart but you have a hard time seeing it with your mortal eyes.

"What am I doing here?" says your frozen brain.

At 3:00 am, an old station wagon pulls into the parking lot of a Bob's Big Boy restaurant just outside of Kalamazoo, Michigan where you have been working since 6 am the day before.

That's when your captain welcomes you to join half a dozen other fundraisers, stacked in the back of an old station wagon, like so many pieces of cordwood. The van broke down and this was the best they could do. At least the body heat was warmer than the sub zero parking lot.

The next day the team celebrates Christmas..... the day after..... with a hot meal and a few gifts. Sox and scarves all around... we are grateful as we thaw out from the past 48 hours efforts in the snow... who would have imagined our movement being where it is today, 22 years ago on a cold winter night?

Brothers and sisters, we all have our stories of faith and struggle. Maybe during this season of longing for true peace on earth we can take some time to reflect on where we have been.... where we are now... and where we want to go in the coming months as we enter a new year.

Please let us hear from you, tell your story, if not by e mail then by snail mail. And hopefully we will see you this coming Sunday at New Hope.


Pastor Matthew and Marianne Goldberg

Kook Jin Moon

Rescheduled: Kook Jin Nim will visit Washington DC on Monday, December 20 from 7 to 9:30 pm. We will meet at the Unification Church Washington Family National Cathedral, 1610 Columbia Road. Please arrive early. We will have reception style food available from 6 to 6:30 pm. It will be enough to tide you over so you don't have to stop for dinner.

International Christmas Desserts

International Christmas Desserts: Bring your German/Austrian Apple Strudel, your Swedish Coconut Dreams, your Italian Christmas cookies and all other international and domestic confections to church on December 19 for some after church Christmas cheer. Coffee and apple cider will be provided.

Annual Women's Holiday Gathering

Annual Women's Holiday Gathering: A luncheon on Saturday, December 18; noon to 2:30 pm; Big Fish Grill, 1260 Crain Highway, Crofton, MD 21114; private room. Bring a wrapped gift ($10-$15 value) if interested in gift exchange. RSVP: Betsy Hunter or Gay Grow.

Toy And Stuffed Animal Collection

Toy and Stuffed Animal Collection for needy local children. Please bring in any new unwrapped toy(s) or hand-me-down items in good condition that might brighten up a needy child's Christmas. Table or box in the hallway before and after Sunday Service.

WFWP District One

WFWP District 1 End of the Year Gathering: Tuesday, December 28, 6:30 -- 8:30 pm at 400 Massachusetts Ave., NW, 2nd Floor Community Room, Washington, DC 20001. Nearest Metro Station is Gallery Place/Chinatown. There is parking between 4th St. and K St. NW for $6. Come with your guests, bring a dish; let's have an evening of friendship and love, enjoying each other's company with food, music, raffle and a lot of laughter. Suggested donation $5. RSVP to Elizabeth Aihe.

CARP Winter Ball

CARP Winter Ball: January 8, 2011 at the Manhattan Center, New York, NY. See screen announcement for details.

New Year's Day Potluck Luncheon Extravaganza

New Hope Family Church will be hosting a New Year's Day Potluck Luncheon Extravaganza on Sunday, January 2 from noon to 2 pm. There will be entertainment from 1 to 2 pm. New Hope will provide the main dish and everyone in the community can bring the side dishes. Please invite your friends and neighbors! For side dishes, if your family name begins with the letters:

A-D, please bring mashed potatoes and gravy.

E-H, please bring stuffing.

I-M, please bring green beans and/or corn and sweet potatoes.

N-R, please bring salad with dressing, cranberry sauce and rolls and butter.

S-Z, please bring desserts.

Bring anything extra, if you like, and don't forget to bring a serving spoon with each dish! And don't forget your appetite and talent! RSVP to Gay Grow.

The Lasting Imprint

Miilhan Stephens presents breaking news about the Divine Principle:

When and What -- this coming Saturday, December 18th 9:00 AM -- 2:00 PM Lunch included for $10 registration fee at the door/ or bring your own bag lunch and attend the seminar FREE. Offerings accepted gratefully

Where: CARP Center near U of MD campus

What: Lasting Imprint Seminar

Call Gay Grow or Anne Marie Weinman to register and for details.

Also visit with your friends: The Lasting Imprint this Sunday and every Sunday after church in the Korean Room. All congregation and their guests are welcome to attend.

Shehaqua Family Camp

Shehaqua Family Camp is holding an exciting video competition! Produce an original video clip advertising Shehaqua Family Camp and you get to go to camp for free if your entry wins. More prizes; every entry wins at least a T-shirt. Read the full details either on Facebook (search for Shehaqua Family) or at Contact Claude Aubert if you have any questions.

Updated Date For Back On Track Workshop

The next Back on Track/Renew, Refresh workshop for Blessed Children will be held in the New York area on January 13-16. Contact Randy Francis.

Welcome Back To Dancing With True Love

December lessons

December 19; 12 -- 1:30 pm

$15/person per month, $20/couple per month

Call/email us if you have any questions: Rex and Emiko Butler.

Bible Study

Bible Study each 2nd and 4th Thursday at the Fefferman's. We start with a video lecture from various professors at 8 pm (optional), followed by refreshments and reading/study together, with plenty of discussion as we go. We are working our way through the entire Bible. This year we are focusing on the historical books (Judges/Samuel/Kings.). Call Dan for more information. Dan also hosts a Sunday night study dealing with near eastern mythology, biblical apocrypha, early Christian texts, the Dead Sea scrolls, etc. To get on the reminder list for both of these, send your email address to Dan.

Employment And Other Opportunities

The State Department

The State Department is accepting applications for their summer hire program 2011. If interested, go to this link:

Teach English

Teach English: Anyone interested in teaching English in a Pre-K through 3rd grade Christian School 20 minutes from Seoul? It's run by Ms. Ji Hae Han who used to teach Korean and Music at New Hope Academy. Housing and health insurance provided. Salary of $20,000-30,000 clear depends on education and ability. Bi-lingual appreciated, but not necessary.

Looking for a part-time position? Like people?

Like to demonstrate interesting products?

Annapolis Mall location needs people for holiday season and more! Two positions available.

(Best if you have your own transportation; prefer over 21-year olds.)

Yes, You Can Save On Your BGE Electric Bill

Lorman Lykes has become the MD Regional Representative for AMBIT ENERGY a company that supplies electricity through BGE at a guaranteed 7% discount rate. As a new customer you will receive a 3 day/2 night stay at a 3 star hotel FREE. Also you receive reward points toward airline tickets every month just for paying your BGE bill FREE. CALL me and ask how you can also receive FREE electricity just for being an Ambit customer. If you want to know more I have a special gift for all BGE users who call or email me.

A-1 Maryland Tree Experts

A-1 Maryland Tree Experts: I will have in supply firewood this winter, so any families needing firewood can contact me ahead of time. Also any tree work needing to be done before or during winter, we can get it done. And we can shovel you out if snow is anything like last year. I am bonded, insured and a license tree expert.

Looking To Save Money On Your Electric Bill?

Now with energy deregulation in Maryland, you can choose your own supplier and still enjoy the same services from Pepco or BGE. Viridian Energy offers an opportunity to use green renewable energy with an average monthly savings of 10%. To sign up go to: For more info, contact Tony Scazzero.

Room(s) For Rent

Room or rooms for rent or whole house for rent in Laurel, Howard County. Three different options.

1) Basement, huge light filled room, 16 X 19 feet with private bath. Great for artist or couple.

2) Single sunny bedroom. Good for one person.

3) rent our whole house.

Howard County has the best schools in the state. Driving distance to colleges.

Close to JHAPL, NSA, right off I 95.

Pay part of utilities. Please call David or Kathy at 301-317-6311.

Prayer List

Please keep the following people and their families in your prayers:

William and Claire Martinez

Catherine and Gerry Henseler and family

Hanna Bulow and family

Prayer requests should be sent to Gay Grow. 

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