The Words of the Goldberg Family

True Children's Day

Matthew Goldberg
November 11, 2010

True Children's Day, November 6, 2010, Las Vegas NV

Sunday Service at New Hope Family Church
November 14, 2010

Lovin' Life Ministries Service
Rev. In Jin Moon
National Pastor of LLM
10-11:30 am

Fresh and Free Coffee and Donuts served from 9:30 am to 9:50 am.

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

True Children's Day was celebrated on November 6, 2010, centering on True Parents, in Las Vegas, Nevada. I hope you celebrated well with your families and especially with your precious children. No matter what the external circumstances, our children are a message from God that we are truly blessed. I realized this deeply on Saturday while awaiting the arrival of our True Parents and members of the True Family just a few short days ago.

We filed off the buses and cars in the predawn chill and were ushered to the rear of the large, lovely house standing on two acres of land just off Las Vegas Blvd. In very little time brothers and sisters were seated either inside the newly carpeted and decorated four car garage or just outside at a right angle to the offering table where we could see the chairs waiting for Father and Mother. The crowd of at least 150 was cautioned to be quietly enthusiastic since we were in a residential neighborhood. I noticed that the people attending included State church leaders, District Directors, Japanese leaders and many others, including myself, representing our Maryland Church community and Reverend Oliver, representing our Washington DC church community. Also Reverend Francis was there and Reverend Angelika Selle. Soon the True Parents of Heaven and Earth entered followed by members of the True Family.

Father began by reminding us that Children's Day was established in 1960 and that later the name was changed to True Children's Day. Originally it was like a cosmic Thanksgiving day because the greatest fruit in the history of God's Providence are the True Children, with Ye Jin nim being the first born true child. Father said originally the True Children should have been blessed first but we could not wait that long so Father blessed 36 couples at that time. Then he pointed out that we are now celebrating the 41st True Children's Day which brings joy to True Children in the spirit world too.

Father requested that his prayer be read from the 9th Children's Day celebration, dated November 20, 1968. He prayed:

"...Our position is different from what you originally intended, so please forgive our position. Please allow us to become sons and daughters who are grateful for what you have given. Let us understand you created the foundation of loyal and filial sons and daughters and we pray that You will have dominion over this day. "

Father then said, "If there had been no Fall, God would have celebrated Children's Day with Adam and Eve. The Chinese character for children includes the character for woman. We need to fix everything and restore the heart lost due to the Fall. To become an owner in the Unification Church, a leader must shed tears on behalf of God and fallen people. If you engraft on to Father there will be no need for indemnity and you can experience joy with God. Find at least 10 great spiritual children... Restore three generations...we have to take on a tribe level messiahship.

We were intended to have offered our tribe to Heaven historically. So now, where is our tribe in front of God? How do we restore this? Because I miss God and long for God, I want to fish for God, help people follow Heavenly Law and save their lives.

There can be no perfection in ignorance. Obstacles need to be rooted out. I am not here in Las Vegas because of gambling, not here because I like playing cards. Do you think I am here to mess around and play around in Las Vegas? No! I am here to shed my blood and tears because I miss God. I am going the way of a loyal son to bring joy to God. Why are you here? Are you trying to just live a comfortable life? "

Of course there were many more things spoken during the 3 hours Father spent with us on True Children's Day this time. Perhaps I can share them at another opportunity. But the thing that struck me the hardest was the longing for God that motivates the messiah to reach out to save the world.

Have you tasted the joy that comes from sharing the Divine Principle with another human being? Father's question confronted me and confronts us with a fundamental issue of our faith. Why are you here? Am I here for the sake of my nation or for myself? What am I doing for the sake of others? What am I doing today for the sake of others, for the sake of God?

Brothers and sisters, we have a God given opportunity to share the story of the Messiah, our teacher and mentor who saved us with love and raises us with truth, with others because we have his autobiography within our reach. I am taking a week long period to pray and ask myself deeply how do I intend to live for the sake of others and for God's sake for the next two years and three months till 2013 and beyond? I invite you to join me in this next 7 days to challenge ourselves in prayer and find out "What did God put me on this earth to do?"

Lets share our answers with one another after 10 days and then celebrate together in thanksgiving and worship on the 21st of November. Will you do that?

Today is Veteran's Day in the USA. Let us prayerfully thank and honor all those who risked and sacrificed their lives so that others might have the freedom to pursue the lives God gave them. If you have sacrificed and suffered for the sake of God's providence then you too are a veteran of God's eternal peace army. I am sure God is grateful to you, God never forgets you and more importantly, God still needs you to become who He made you to be.

Marianne and I are praying with you and for you.

See you on Sunday at Lovin Life in Maryland.

Peace and Love,

Pastor Matthew and Marianne Goldberg

Announcements And Upcoming Events!

Thanksgiving Extravaganza!

Calling on all Pilgrims and Native Americans!

New Hope Family Church will be hosting our annual Thanksgiving Potluck Luncheon Extravaganza on Sunday, Nov. 21 from noon to 2 pm. There will be entertainment from 1 to 2 pm. New Hope will provide cooked-to-perfection turkeys thanks to the Boy Scouts. Please invite your friends and neighbors!

For side dishes, if your family name begins with the letters:

A-D, please bring mashed potatoes and gravy.

E-H, please bring stuffing.

I-M, please bring green beans and/or corn and sweet potatoes.

N-R, please bring salad with dressing, cranberry sauce and rolls and butter.

S-Z, please bring desserts.

Bring anything extra, if you like, and don't forget to bring a serving spoon with each dish! And bring your appetite and talent! RSVP to Gay Grow.

Testimony Meeting For Bruce Williams

Did you know our extraordinary brother, Bruce Williams, who recently passed into the spiritual world? Please join us at the home of Bob and Angelika Selle to share stories of his life and noble character, and to pray for his transition. Wed. and Thurs., Nov. 10 and 11, 7:30-10 p.m. 6719 Willow Creek Rd., Bowie. Bring a snack to share.

Global Women Bake Sale

Sisters helping sisters bake sale! Share love with our sisters in Kenya and buy some delicious baked goods after service this week.

The Lasting Imprint

Mr. Miilhan Stephens will be giving a 45-minute lecture on The Lasting Imprint this Sunday and every Sunday after church in the Korean Room. All congregation and their guests are welcome to attend.

Generation Peace Social

Generation Peace Social for Young First Generation between the ages of 18 and 35, Saturday, November 13 at Maryland Carp Center. Activities include a meet and greet, short presentation, food, volunteer entertainment, and a focus on you and what your next steps are as you move toward the Blessing. Note: This is only for people who are not currently blessed or married. For more information contact Cenetra Johnson.

Spread The Word

A banquet will be held to honor all those who joined Unification Church 40 years or more ago (1970 and before) at the Manhattan Center in New York on Friday, December 10. Highlighted will be those from the historic 777-Couple Blessing. Please send testimonies of those to be honored should be sent to headquarters by Nov. 15. The banquet will be free for the honorees. Announcements about the cost of tickets and other logistical issues are expected shortly.

ACLC Prayer Breakfast

Saturday November 20 at 9:30 am at the Holy scripture Church of Christ, 3608 Lacy Blvd, Falls Church, VA 22041, Host pastor: Rev. George Marshall

Introduction To The Blessing Workshop

Date: November 12-14 at UTS Conference Center in Barrytown, NY

In accordance with the emphasis of our National President, Rev. In Jin Moon, upon Blessed Children's education and the importance of maturity and preparation for the Blessing, an enhanced system of Blessing education is in development, comprised of three distinct levels. As announced last month, a "first level" Blessing workshop, "An Introduction to the Blessing," will be held November 12-14 at the UTS Conference Center in Barrytown, NY.

This program is designed for those 16 and older, based upon a foundation of earlier age-appropriate character, purity and Blessing education. It addresses the value of the Blessing, its historical foundation and the importance of lineage, as well as practical issues such as why Unificationists don't date, how the Blessing differs from marriage, and key points of preparation such as character development, personal identity, spiritual life, etc.

A "Level II" Blessing workshop, "Preparing for the Matching," is planned for December 17-19 in Barrytown. A "Level III" workshop for engaged and newly Blessed couples will take place early next year. In addition, materials for these programs are being developed for small group study, online education, and local workshops around the country next year. For the November 12-14 workshop:

I. Registration and Deadlines

Participants can register online in the members' area on the Familyfed website, or directly by clicking on the following link:

The workshop fee is $120 per participant (to cover costs), and should be paid at the time of registration at the workshop. However, participants must register no later than November 9th. The fee for those who register after November 9, or at the workshop itself, is $150.

II. Workshop Schedule And Location

The program will begin at UTS in Barrytown, NY on Friday, November 12. Registration begins at 5:00 PM. Dinner is at 6:00 PM, and the official program begins at 7:00 pm. The workshop will conclude at 4:00 PM on Sunday, November 14 at the Manhattan Center in New York City, after Lovin' Life Worship and activities.

III. Transportation

Transportation to UTS will be provided Friday afternoon from the New Yorker Hotel, 481 Eighth Avenue in Manhattan, for a cost of $15 per person, but must be reserved in advance on the registration form. Transportation to UTS from the Rhinecliff/Kingston Station (Amtrak) upon arrival on Friday is free, but must be reserved on the registration form. Transportation from UTS to Manhattan Sunday morning will be provided for all participants.

For questions or additional information, contact , or your district BFD.

Parents and Blessed Children's Matching Convocation

Parents and Blessed Children's Matching Convocation: The National BFD has announced that next PMC will be held Nov. 19-21, 2010 at UTS in Barrytown. Blessed Children aged 24 and older are welcome to come as well. Registration will be at the BFD section of the Family Fed website. For more information, call the Wetzsteins.

Back On Track Workshop

Back on Track Workshop: The next Back on Track/Renew, Refresh workshop for Blessed Children will be held in the New York area on Jan. 6-9, 2011. Contact Randy Francis.

Welcome Back To Dancing With True Love November lessons: Waltz and Rumba

November 14, 28; 12 -- 1:30 pm

$15/person per month, $20/couple per month

Call/email us if you have any questions: Rex and Emiko Butler

Bible Study

Bible Study each 2nd and 4th Thursday at the Fefferman's. We start with a video lecture from various professors at 8 pm (optional), followed by refreshments and reading/study together, with plenty of discussion as we go. We are working our way through the entire Bible. This year we are focusing on the historical books (Judges/Samuel/Kings.). Call Dan for more information. Dan also hosts a Sunday night study dealing with near eastern mythology, biblical apocrypha, early Christian texts, the Dead Sea scrolls, etc. To get on the reminder list for both of these, send your email address to Dan.

Employment And Other Opportunities

Looking For A Part-Time Position? Like people?

Like to demonstrate interesting products?

Annapolis Mall location needs people for holiday season and more! Two positions available.

(Best if you have your own transportation; prefer over 21-year olds.) Call today!!!

A-1 Maryland Tree Experts

A-1 Maryland Tree Experts: I will have in supply firewood this winter, so any families needing firewood can contact me ahead of time. Also any tree work needing to be done before or during winter, we can get it done. And we can shovel you out if snow is anything like last year. I am bonded, insured and a license tree expert.

Looking To Save Money On Your Electric Bill?

Now with energy deregulation in Maryland, you can choose your own supplier and still enjoy the same services from Pepco or BGE. Viridian Energy offers an opportunity to use green renewable energy with an average monthly savings of 10%. To sign up go to: For more info, contact Tony Scazzero.

Room(s) For Rent

Room or rooms for rent or whole house for rent in Laurel, Howard County.

Three different options. 1) Basement, huge light filled room, 16 X 19 feet with private bath. Great for artist or couple.

2) Single sunny bedroom. Good for one person.


3) rent our whole house. Howard County has the best schools in the state. Driving distance to colleges.

Close to JHAPL, NSA, right off I 95.

Pay part of utilities. Please call David or Kathy at 301-317-6311.

Prayer List

Please keep the following people and their families in your prayers:

Bruce and Rhonda Williams and family

Catherine Henseler and family

Prayer requests should be sent to Gay Grow.

Classified Ads in the Mid Week announcements and the Sunday Bulletin work. Try it. 

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