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Reverend Randy Francis -- "Church Growth Webinar"

Matthew Goldberg
October 7, 2010

Sunday Service at New Hope Family Church
October 10, 2010

Lovin' Life Ministries Service Streamed LIVE from New York Rev. In Jin Moon National Pastor of LLM 10-11:30 am

Fresh and Free Coffee and Donuts before service from 9:45 AM!

Dear Families,

This Sunday our congregation will gather for worship service at New Hope Academy in the Multi-purpose room. The band and choir are taking a break due to prior commitments. They are expected to return the following Sunday.

District 1 Director, Reverend Randy Francis, in keeping with his ongoing Listening Tour will be available to visit with and listen to members of all ages in our community shortly after the main service. Everyone is welcome to bring a lunch or buy one after church. This fellowship and open sharing time is meant for all who wish to attend.

Following the informal gathering and listening, Reverend Francis has agreed to share a short and dynamic power point presentation about the popular "Church Growth Webinar" This is a great boost for anyone interested in growing our church and developing witnessing skills.

We received some very good news yesterday about Bob Randolph. I am including Valerie's letter to let you in on it:

Dear Friends,

Bob is back! Our family visited Bob today, Wednesday morning (Wednesday, Oct. 6) in the hospital as the sedatives were wearing off and we could talk to him. He's doing much better.

The breathing tubes have been removed, he's breathing on his own and he can communicate! We anticipate him having some kind of electronic device implanted soon and a much healthier diet going forward!

This is a tremendous hurdle to cross, not to mention surviving being electrocuted (shocked) nearly a dozen times. I must thank everyone for all their loving support. I hope you guys (you know who you are) never stop saying," We love you," cause I'm getting used to hearing it! And every time I do, it sounds so sincere, coming from a very deep place. I feel it warms God's heart as well as mine. So whenever I feel a bit shaky, I just picture the love that we have built together as a community, and it gives me the confidence that God is with us. That is the tremendous gift our church friendships have given me.

Still in intensive care, visitors are limited. But maybe by this weekend, things will start to settle down to where more visitors are allowed.

If you see a beautiful older lady with me in church this Sunday, that would be my mom, visiting from Minnesota . Please introduce yourself -- she's super friendly…and doesn't bite. Again, we should be proud of our faith and the strength it has to literally save ourselves and hopefully others. May Bob's suffering serve this end.


Valerie, Julie and Emily

Enjoy the rest of this week and come on down to Lovin Life at New Hope to get inspired by the message. Then stay a while to get connected!

See you at this Sunday at 10 AM sharp.

Pastor Matthew and Marianne Goldberg

Announcements And Upcoming Events!

New Hope Family Church Board Elections!

It's that time of the year. There will be two positions open for volunteers wishing to serve our community as NHFC Elders Board members. Gregg Jones and Bob Selle are ending their two-year term this month. If interested in running for this office, please submit your own nomination with a brief bio and your vision for this community to Gay Grow ASAP. Please present your nomination by Wednesday, October 13. Voting will begin on Sunday, October 17 and end on Sunday, October 24.

Blessing And Sports Tournament

Won-Gu Peace Cup Cain-Abel Cosmic Harmony Tournament: We have 7 participants from District One who will be participating in the 2010 Won-Gu Peace Cup. They are fundraising. If you can support, make checks out to: HSA-UWC (write 2010 Youth on memo) and mail them to: 1610 Columbia Rd. NW, Washington, DC 20009. PLEASE HELP SUPPORT THESE ATHLETES!!!

Welcome Back To Dancing With True Love

October lessons: Waltz and Rumba

October 17th 12:00 PM -- 1:3 PM
October 24th 12:00 PM -- 1:3 PM
October 31st 12:00 PM -- 1:3 PM

$15/person, $20/couple for a month Call/email us if you have any questions

Rex and Emiko Butler

Please mark your calendar for our dance gathering at Blob's Park,

8024 Max Blobs Park Road,
Jessup, MD 20794
(410) 799-7130

on October 23. They are having Octoberfest. $12/person to get in.

Musical Instruments Needed

New Hope Academy has the added blessing this year of having Mr. Hux (Parthenon Huxley, former lead guitarist of the Electric Light Orchestra) teaching our High School Music Elective. However, we are in need of some equipment. You can receive a tax deduction if you are able to donate any of the items on the WISH LIST. If you haven't used it in years, donate it to New Hope! Ask Friends! Call Joy Morrow at or email Mr. Hux if you have something to donate.

Wish List: a bass guitar, a bass amp, an electric guitar, a guitar amp, a recording device, microphones, a hi-hat stand and a kick drum pedal.

Bible Study

Bible study each 2nd and 4th Sunday at the Fefferman's.

We start with a video lecture from various professors at 8:00 PM (optional), followed by refreshments and reading/study together, with plenty of discussion as we go. We are working our way through the entire Bible. This year we are focusing on the historical books (Judges/Samuel/Kings.). Call Dan for more information. Dan also hosts a Sunday night study dealing with near eastern mythology, biblical apocrypha, early Christian texts, the Dead Sea scrolls, etc. To get on the reminder list for both of these, send your email address to Dan.

Calling All Girls And Young Women!

Calling all girls and young women and parents! Girl Scout Troop 4506 is currently looking for girls ages 9 and up who are seeking adventure and comradeship. Our troop recently went camping in Pennsylvania, and is currently working on the Photography Badge. We are also looking for adult volunteers to attend our weekly meetings on Wednesdays at 7 PM at New Hope Academy. Parents are always welcome to join in with their daughters as the girls appreciate their support. Also, young women, 18 and older, who are looking to give to the community and be an "older sister", are more than welcome to join us. There are also opportunities to invest your time during our adventure days; e.g. camping, visiting museums, and hiking. If you are interested in any way, please contact Debbie Robbins, or Vanessa Scott, or Caroline Hampton.

Prayer List

Please keep the following people and their families in your prayers:

Catherine Henseler is at home in the care of her husband and children. Anyone who can cook a meal or spend some time to give the family a little break please call Gerry.

Bob Randolph's health is improving after suffering a heart attack last week. He is recuperating at George Washington Hospital and his family asks for prayer for his continued progress.

Prayer requests should be sent to Gay Grow.

Classified Ads

Classified Ads in the Mid Week announcements and the Sunday Bulletin work. Try it. Four weeks for $20. Call Gay Grow. 

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