The Words of the Goldberg Family

Changes in Sunday Service

Matthew Goldberg
September 11, 2010

Dear Families,

Thank you all for your dedication to True Parents and for attending Sunday Service.

I need to clarify one point about our Sunday Service Worship program.

We are committed to receiving the message of our National Pastor, Reverend In Jin Moon, each week and as your Pastor I feel it is my responsibility to make sure her message will be received by as many as are willing to attend. This is one of the reasons the Sunday Service Committee decided to hold our worship service in the larger area, downstairs at New Hope Academy. Last week we had a counted attendance of 235 people. Our normal average attendance is 175 per Sunday. We are a growing community and that means we need to make changes in order to better serve our entire congregation.

Our unity of heart with Reverend In Jin Moon is central and will not change one bit. With her encouragement, we are adding a local flavor and spirit by using a band and a chorus to help us lift up our hearts as we prepare for worship. Our purpose is to receive a spiritual and practical message from our Senior Pastor, Reverend Moon. Our goal is to grow spiritually and to welcome new seekers into our midst to share the message that True Parents are here for all humankind.

We will also have the live stream with Reverend In Jin Moons message available tomorrow morning in the Founder's Room for the families with very young children.

Please attend with your family and prepare well this evening for tomorrows worship service.


Pastor Matthew and Marianne Goldberg 

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