The Words of the Goldberg Family

The Battle for the Soul

Steven Matthew Goldberg
September 3, 2010

In 1972 a friend and I put out our thumbs and caught rides from the East Coast to California. We arrived in San Rafael in 1972 and I found work as a gardener in the Bay Area. I borrowed $400, bought an old flat bed Ford truck and commenced gardening for hire.

Not many weeks went by until the rains came and I was without a job. One day I stumbled upon a Boy Scout office and went inside to ask after a job as a Ranger. The Council Executive told me he did not have any positions open in that capacity. He then asked me if I had a college degree. As it happened I had finished college with a BA and the man hired me on the spot to be a District Executive for the Mill Valley area.

That was a beautiful place to be and I spent a good year helping start new Boy Scout units and working with adult volunteers and young men in the Scout programs in Northern California.

I was troubled and unhappy with life and it seemed that no matter what success I had I could not find any peace. One day I found a small religious tract on the floor of the Boy Scout hall in Mill Valley where I had set up a small office. The tract suggested that kneeled around smorgasboard spriritual annointed annointing meditations. 

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