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Youth Leadership Workshop in Texas

Demian Dunkley
November 9, 2013

Dear Bishop [Ki Hoon] Kim,

We are in the middle of this very exciting workshop with 80 Youth Leaders from USA. Here is a brief report.

Energize -- Youth Leader Workshop Camp Lone Star. San Antonio, Texas.

This is a fantastic gathering of 80 young American men and women, coming together to learning ways to study Divine Principle and leadership training and sharing of best practices.

Day 1

Everyone arrived safely on Friday for a 3 pm kick-off. After opening with a worship song, and a quick introduction from Dave and Jaga, we were organized into 16 groups to go on a dynamic scavenger hunt in search of a hidden bio of a real person.

The land is vast and beautiful. Exploring the terrain and working together in teams to follow the clues, the hunt was a metaphor for the struggles we go through to find and save people.

Afterwards the groups discussed what approaches they would take to save the person they found and presented a strategy they would follow to approach the real person. It was a great way for everyone to meet, share, and explore ways to save lives.

In the evening Crescentia DeGoede facilitated a self-reflection on the topic of how resentments hold us back in our ministry. The activity was based on a section of The Choice. She organized us into small groups to open up a share with each other.

Many brothers and sisters are meeting here together for the first time. Seeing how many young people responded to come from all over the country creates a renewed sense of hope for the future.

Day 2 -- so far.

The Maryland youth ministry presented a new way to teach Divine Principle to youth and grouped us into small Hoon Dok Hae teams to explore ways to do the same in our own youth ministries.

After breakfast Dr. Balcomb gave a great inspirational message encouraging young brothers and sisters to realize that we are Gods hero's and leaders. We are the ones God is looking to work with today.

We continued the morning with leadership training and an amazing challenge activity about holding on to our anchor. No matter what or who tries to stop us, we have to hold on to our anchor and overcome the challenges. We also need to support each other to be victorious.

The workshop will go through to Sunday as we continue to deepen our relationships, broaden our network and challenge ourselves to become even more equipped to lead in our local communities.

Demian Dunkley 

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