The Words of the Cruz Family

FilJap Leader Visits Nagano Community

Ruben Cruz
May 13, 2007

Nagano, Japan - Reuben Cruz together with his wife and three children visited Nagano FilJap Community in May 12 and 13, 2007. After a 5 hour-ride from Tokyo, Mr. and Mrs. Ronie delos Santos welcome the Cruz family in Saturday afternoon. Ella Ventura-Uchiyama joined to welcome the visitors as they tried to bring them too to the famous Zenkoji Temple in Nagano City.

At half past 6 in the evening Mr. Cruz and family went to the Yoshizawa -Cadano family who also hosted them til Sunday morning. Warm embrace, knowing each other, fellowship and sharing lasted past midnight when Cruz and Cadano had their time to share more about their lives and missions. Cruz said, the time is just so limited to share for more. Cadano could not have a time to open his proposals but shared the life on Philippines and the leaders and members in there in general.

The happy 2nd gen of Cruz and Cadano took their time too to have their games and acquaintances. The two wives also took their time to share more about their responsibilities and experiences.

On Sunday morning, Mr. and Mrs. Cruz met sister Sandy from Nagano City. Mrs. Cruz and Sandy were together before in their FR days during the Finica period and were so glad to hug and share to each after as they meet again after several years.

After the morning prayer, the Cruz family proceeded to Suwa, Nagano ken to meet the family of Eddie Panuncia and the OFW-trainees who have attended and continued their series of lectures, DP seminars and HDH Pledge Ceremonies with the Panuncia family in there home. The sharing of Mr. Cruz during their fellowship in the afternoon was focused to the changing of blood lineage which was good enough for the trainees who were desirous to also join the Blessing soon. Three Filipino brothers and one married Filipina sister were around aside from the Panuncia during their fellowship. The married Filipina sister stated that even though she used to work as volunteer-MC in the Catholic church, no one can stop her to listen for more about God and the Divine Principle, while the Filipino brothers reiterated their desire to avail on the grace of the True Parents to receive the Blessing soon when they will go back to Philippines after their company training in Nagano.

After the visit The Cruz were so happy too to notify Nagano that they have safely returned back to Tokyo late in the evening of Sunday with the warm welcome they have from the FilJap Nagano Community.

The FilJap Nagano Community extends their thanks to the Cruz Family for the wonderful time gave as they know that the limited time of the leader and even the long driving is already a risk for them to visit Nagano ken. They plan to visit again the beautiful Nagano place.

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