The Words of the Ablong Family

PUCMJ Meeting November 20, 2011

Rafael E. Ablong
November 20, 2011

Next Meeting: 4th Sunday of the month – December 31, 2011 at 9 p.m.


A. Reports:

Re: Mrs. Julia Kim

B. Regional updates

C. Tribal updates

D. UPF/Activity Donations – 1,000 quarterly or 4,000/year

E. Blessing Candidates

F. Educational Bureaus/IWs

G. Planning Committee

1-year evaluation

Strategic Plan

Time Started: 9:29 pm

Present: Kuya Dante, Bal Tuballa, Arnold Heramis, Rafael E. Ablong



A. Kuya Dante Negre:

1. Talk with Rev. Park about his position. Obvious checks made by Interpol and police elements on religions and church members after the Aum Shin rikyo attack of subway. Anami San was called by the bank asking her where the money is sent and what it is for. They need documents to show what you are saying that the money is used for these activities. Solution:

Send the big money separately in different banks owned by different members.

May send money through Rev. Park. Collect all monies from 3 regions Tito Park. Give leaders and Hqs. a copy of the financial report.

2. Mission of the National Messiahs are eternal, they don't end. They will concentrate on their tribes but they will still serve as advisers to the PUCMJ.

3. Rev. Tito Park said Mrs. Kim is sick with leukemia. She needs a bone marrow transplant from him as a donor. He will go to New York in December for this purpose. True Father is supporting Mrs. Kim. Dr Lek has encouraged her to undergo the bone marrow operation after he reported the recent victory of Thailand movement about their previous case.

4. About Categorizing PUCMJ Members. Tito Park said that we have to be sure that we do not kick out or exclude anybody. We also have to assign members who will take care of them. Special people who will take care of members.

B. Updates from the Central Region by Bro. Roy Carumba

1. Met with Catholic church leaders about activities in Mie-Ken.

2. Met with members of the All Filipino Community about upcoming Christmas Concert in Osaka on December 18. Invitation will include the band and Philippine blessed members in Osaka. Will invite other members of organizations to join the Christmas concert in Osaka.

3. On December 4th, the Band will serve the Gifu Church at their Family Festival.

4. Will follow up central region members about giving to the UPF Donation Campaign.

1,000 monthly donation for Activities? Activity Fund

C. Tribal Updates

1. Bal and Raffy have started a FB group called Dumaguete Tribe to prepare for their tribal activities together with overseas members from Korea, US and Japan.

2. Sister Faith Batino is asking all Tribal Messiahs to sponsor and send their VIPs for a 4-day Divine Principle Seminar in Thailand.

D. 1,000 monthly donation for Activities? Activity Fund

--May send to Regional Leader first. Will set up a new regional account.

--Will make an OFW Bagong Bayani Bank account in Manila when Kuya Dante goes home.

E. Blessing Candidates

--Should fulfill all requirements especially tithes and donation. Should not hide anything in the sheets.

--Clarify the situation and status of blessing members.

--Internal conditions. Tithes. Write a confession.

F. Educational Bureaus

--We have a few potential lecturers for the different regions. They will also serve as assistant IWs in their regions. They will also become members of the blessing committee with one Japanese sister.

Arnold Heramis (Kanto)

Roy Carumba, (Central) Nagoya (Jun, Bal Tuballa)

Raffy Ablong (Western)

**We need to involve the Japanese wives since they understand our situations too.

**Rev. Yong gave a specific direction to the wives (Mie-Ken) to focus on educating the second generation.

**Couples should work together in public life like witnessing. Educating the 2nd generation is parents' responsibility. There is no conflict with the letter about wives responsibilities given earlier. It was meant to give the wives more choices to decide what to do for public mission, other than educating the 2nd generation.

G. Strategic Planning Committee (Staff: Raffy Ablong and Arnold Heramis)

-1-year evaluation

-Strategic Plan

Note: Add to Strategic Plan

--Evaluation of mission and objectives.

--Process of educating 2nd generation.

--Educational tour of 2nd generation.

Next Meeting:

4th Sunday of the month – December 31, 2011 at 9 p.m. 

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