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My short Reflection of our 6th Proclamation Rally in São Paulo, Brazil

Wanderleya Lima Ribeiro da Silva
March 3, 2011

My short Reflection of our 6th Proclamation Rally in São Paulo, Brazil:

For me every rally is a new challenge. I'm always very happy to participate in the rally and to proclaim the Messiah, even to strangers. Doing so is an act of courage and I feel very good about it. This is because sometimes I feel a certain blockage to give testimony alone, so for me to do it in a group is much better.

One interesting thing that happened was when a man approached and asked what was that event about, and another sister and I explained. Then he said he was a former pastor of the Assembléia de Deus and had left his church. And after leaving the church, he had been robbed and lost all his stuff, and he was living in a hostel. So, we took the opportunity and invited him to know our church and the Divine Principle and he expressed his willingness to attend Divine Principle lectures.

Another interesting case was a girl who also came over and started to tell that she was a member of another church, but she was doing everything wrong in her life and was not following the commandments of God. She said: "I need to pray and keep an eye on myself." Then she heard a little of the proclamation speech that was being given, received our brochure and was very sympathetic with us. When she was leaving, she said: "God bless you."

Always my experience is that at the end of every rally I always feel very good and received much spiritual life. This shows the power of our True Parents, the power of the words and the power of witnessing. And as someone said, "What is important is to proclaim." 

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