The Words of the Rischl Family

Testimony for Purification Azalea Festival and the 1000th Workshop

Hanna Rischl
May 27, 2010

This experience for me has truly been amazing. I am attending the 40-day Workshop, but this past week at the 1000th Special Workshop and Azalea Festival has brought so much grace. I have not seen True Parents for such a long time, so my heart was filled with a profundity of joy. When they came, I felt like a child next to them. There is nothing more I desired than to embrace every part of them.

Dae Mo Nim (Hoon Mo Nim) has had a huge impact on me. Her presence is so precious. Whenever she smiled, I felt like gold. It's a feeling I never felt and experienced from any human being. She is like a clear running water racing through the dry ground which we stand on. I am so grateful to her.

It was a huge blessing to pray in Dae Mo Nim's prayer hall. Once I entered, I could not believe the immediate vibration I felt. For a moment, my body shook with such intense emotion. Before, I did not realize clearly that spirit world is so close here.

Chung Pyung is of course a very spiritual place, but also very natural. Everywhere you look, there is nature. I've seen never quite as incredible and majestic as here. It makes me wonder "With all this beauty and creation, how can some people still not believe in God?" Even when I stand before these five great trees on the Holy Ground, it is shameful that these trees have attained more heart, love, blessing, loyalty and represent all good things before my self. I hope someday I can live up to this standard. This has been a profound experience for me, but also so much fun. Personally, I really enjoyed the fireworks during the celebration. In America, fireworks are very popular, but after having witnessed such a breath-taking sight, I think America needs to be taught a few things to improve their skills.

Chung Pyung is the place that should enable every person to discover themselves through God and True Parents and bring this truth wherever they go. I cannot wait to bring my family and friends here. Thank you so much I am forever eternally grateful.

Sincerely, Hanna Rischl 

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