The Words of the Ghareddine Family

Sunghwa Ceremony for Sami Gharzeddine

Joshua Cotter
May 1, 2010

Dear Brothers and Sisters:

Our beloved brother Sami Gharzeddine passed into the spiritual world suddenly on May 1st at 8:30 am due to a car accident close to Kingston, NY. Sami is from Lebanon and joined the church there on May 1st. 40 years ago. He was one of the first members to join in the Middle East and worked as a missionary in Lebanon and France before coming to America.

Sami is survived by his wife Anneliese, from Austria, and their daughter Samana who is studying at City College in Manhattan. Sami and Anneliese were blessed by True Parents in London in 1977. Sami's Seunghwa will be held at the Burnett and White Funeral Home this Friday at 10 am. Flowers or messages can be sent to the funeral home at 7461 S. Broadway, Red Hook, NY 12571.

If you have a testimony or message you would like to share about Sami, please, e-mail it.


Rev. Joshua Cotter
Executive Vice-President

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