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Forum in Brazil on the Quest for Interfaith and Social Harmony

Simao Ferabolli
March 15, 2012
UPF -- Brazil

Sao Jose Santa Catarina, Brazil -- As part of the city's 262nd anniversary celebrations, a March 15 forum on the "Quest for Interfaith and Social Harmony" took place in the City Hall of Sao Jose, a city in the coastal state of Santa Catarina.

Ambassador for Peace and Social Activist, Marta Koerich presided the session, with the participation of the Education Secretary, Círio Vandresen; Rosa Maria da Silva Schmidt, Culture and Tourism Superintendent; Mr. Gralber representing the Police Drug Prevention Program; and Family Federation President Simao Ferabolli.

Each one spoke about the importance of social harmony and cooperation; then Simao Ferabolli representing also the Universal Peace Federation presented a PowerPoint lecture about the five Principles of Peace and the proposal for an inter-religious council.

Mrs. Nelcy Bernadete Buogo, representing the University of Peace of Santa Catarina, said that a culture of peace will be possible when the government, civil society, and religion cooperate effectively.

Finally the following new Ambassadors for Peace were appointed: Marcio Osmar de Oliveira, Community Leader; Círio Vandresen, Education Secretary; Sebastião Domingos dos Santos, Social Worker Volunteer; Edison Serafim, Community Leader; Adeliana Dal Ponte, Master in Administration and Public Policy; Rosane Francisca da Silva, President of the NGO African Culture Preservation; and Rosa Maria da Silva Schmidt, Culture and Tourism Superintendent. 

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