The Words of the Fenoli Family

Chung Bung Gung suggested agenda after Sunday Service

Luciano Fenoli
November 1, 2012

Dear Community and Brother Michael Brazil,

Good day from the Theology School of True Parents in Sorak Cheongshil Village.

I spoke with my wife Agnes whom studies for Master and Doctor for the next 3 years and we come up with this suggested topics for the International Community in Korea to be discussed.

We have a Visa for 3 years now, so we are an integrated members in the Korean Community Abel and Cain with the Music and Culture contribution aiming to have a 4 colors and 7 continents choir and orchestra in cooperation with David Eaton, Kevin Picard and Seiko Lee whom offered already theirs open arms to come for the D-DAY and lead the first 700 International Choir and 120 Orchestra of the Royal Family of Cheon Il Guk.

1- Whom we are as Community in Korea?

2- Are we a Cheon Il Guk/One Family Under God Community?

3- Do we know our Identity and Value in Korea as International Community?

4- What is our Mission in the Cheon Il Guk Nation/Fatherland within the Korean-Shikku Kyohe?

5- Do we know each other? Help each other? Cooperate with each other before we can contribute for the national level of Cheon Il Guk?

6- Do we have a central place (Cultural Center not in the Church Building in order to witness in international way and not One Way Korean) of communication, support and care?

7- Do we need to have also our own election for the representatives as it was in USA and Korea without in Korea we could vote or known even the Candidate?

8- Do we feel the need to establish the International Blessed Husband Missionary Association like the BCFamly Wife did with Mrs. Erikawa in Korea with 9 regional representatives like the Philippinos has right now?

9- Do we feel the need of support and protect each other from poverty, sickness and hunger by vote for a Public Found for those whom cannot even eat 3 times a day or did not find a job yet after 3 months or for those BCFWife whom are pregnant but the husband cannot work or is sick or jobless like many Korean Blessed with Japanese and Philippinos?

10- What other suggestions?

Kansahamnida from Sorak.

PS-According to the Moksanim of Sorak Agnes and I connected to the Theology School we cannot belong to the Sorak Church since Pres. Kim decided to make the Sunday Service for all the students on the Chapel every we are free to help anywhere specially taking care our children by Culture and Sport Education.

Agnes and I are the Founders under True Father suggested Logo designed by HIS Graphic designer, my sp. father Pier Beltrami, 3 Paralympics Medal in Cycling. Pier and I also got 5 signatures by True Father to develop the Project of HIS Family Culture and Sport Holympics for Able and Disable for World Peace in 2001 in West Virginia Hotel Conference after HIS 50 States Tour Speech.

The Universal Artist's Association for World Peace Logo and Name was also given by True Father.

We hope to introduce the vision and dream of True Father to the 2nd Generation.

After 9 years as Regional and National Leader in Liechtenstein, Austria, Germany, and Switzerland speaking 5 languages, under Ilshim/Elder Continental Leader Kim Won Pil in 1995 I won the Fishing International Tournament in Alaska requested by True Father with a catch of 2 60 Kg. Halibut, 1 50 Kg. Rock Fish and 3 /30-20-15 halibuts in Kodiak Alaska.

I do have 150 Sp. Children, most Blessed in my Italian Home Town of Bagolino even they went all to the Sp. World because of the age of 70-80 and 90.

The actual Universal Peace Symphonic Band with which we recorded the True Parents Birthday 20 Holy Songs are all Sp. Children of Agnes Blessed with Holy Wine. I personally entered in the first 10 Italian members foundation in 1973, I was in the IOWC- GLOBAL TEAM and followed directly True Parent for 21 years till 2001 in the 50 States Tour and after the 9/11 where with Bishop Johnson I went at 4 pm of the same day of the explosion to help at the Ground Zero.

We wish all the best workout of this meeting after our Pres. Hyung Jin Nim started the International Service with worldwide respond but closed because of True Father Language integration requirement. Sincerely I was for the integration but I now realized that the International Community lost the value, split, divided and we end up talking not even often by internet or "Pali-Pali" greeting each other.

We need to restart with a new integrity of Identity and Value for what we can really contribute for the Unification of the Fatherland which can influence the Korean society more than any Korean Shikku or Moksanim. 

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