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Church Problems

Luciano Fenoli
October 31, 2012

Dearest International Community,

According to True Father Direction all the BCF were asked by 4 official letters to go back to their respective Home Towns with 3 option possibility to win the 160 Tribal Members and Bless them in a Coronation Ceremony.

1- Go back to the Home Town of the Husband first.

2- If it is impossible to make it there go back to the Home Town of the Wife.

3- If the 2 Home Town are in total opposition then go both Husband and Wife to the Cheon Il Guk Nation God choose for you by Heavenly Lottery in 2006 (if you did not get one ask your Leader/Moksanim to lotterised one for you now) and make the goal before D-DAY.

This was and is the only direction/instruction given us by True Love.

True Mother now ask all to go back to the witnessing standard of when we were witness by our spiritual parents when they give us salvation by teaching the Divine Principle but remember that witnessing in the street is only for single members and for the BCF we know that is the salvation of our Tribal Members....whom else?

If you Blessed already your relatives just go back and protect them and teach them for the Original Wedding of God on True God's Day 2013 as Lunar Heavenly Calendar and February 22 in the solar calendars.

Eok Mansei to all BCF/Tribal Messiah, aju, aju, aju.

From our Home Town Ponte Caffaro/Bagolino/Brescia/Italy.

Luciano e Agnes Fenoli-Barredo 

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